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Alumni News


12/26/2002 Taleb H. Al-Tel (Post Doc, 1995, Sieburth)
Dear Friends,
I was a post doctoral research associate in the chemistry department (1995/1996). My addresses are below. Merry Christmas and happy new year.

Taleb H. Al-Tel , Ph.D. (Associate Professor of organic Chemistry)
An-Najah National University
P.O. Box 7
Nablus, West Bank
Tel : ++972-9-2381115 (Office); ++972-9-2398760 (Home); Fax:++972-9-2387982

11/04/2002 Eduardo Duek (Ph.D., 1984, Alexander)
As mentioned in my last update I moved to Aventura, FL, on January 2001, leaving behind hardship in economically and socially in shambles Argentina. Painful. My new coordiantes are: ( will also get me)
cel 786-2868500
home 305-936-9568

A fuller update in a few weeks. Always quite interested in hearing from my SB_Chem friends. In better spirits,

10/27/2002 Vincent Colandrea (B.S., 1992. Lauher/Fowler)
I finally made it to the USB Department of Chemistry alumni website!! Better late than never, right? ... I am going to try and swing by again to do some B.S/M.S. recruiting soon.

Wow, these last 10 years have sure gone by fast! After graduation from Stony Brook (B.S. 1992 Lauher/Fowler), I took a position in the Process Technology group of Bristol-Myers Squibb. Two years later, I moved to the Basic Chemistry Department of Merck Research Laboratories. In 2000, I was awarded a company sponsored sabbatical to complete the research requirements for the doctoral program at Rutgers University. I am happy to report that my Ph.D. thesis (under the direction of Prof. Leslie S. Jimenez) was successfully defended on August 8th, 2002.

More importantly, 1994 I married Clare Hansen (not to be confused with Prof. Hanson), and we have two wonderful daughters, Rebecca (5) and Angela (2). Given the fact that I'm the father (and Clare reassures me that I am) they are two great kids who definitely make life very interesting...

I hope this note finds all my USB colleagues well. I can be reached at either email address: or

09/29/2002 Lori Zaikowski (Ph.D., 1996, Fowler)
who is Professor and Chair of Chemistry at Dowling College writes:

I would like to be included on the alumni link. My web address is My e-mail address is Hope all is well. Thanks,

Lori Zaikowski

08/27/2002 James Hanke (M.S., 1996, Chu)
writes: My new email address is I got my masters with B. Chu in 96

James Hanke.

08/13/2002 Tom Wagler (Ph.D., 1989, Burrows)
I moved to Sepracor about 3 years ago. I am the director of Chemical R&D Outsourcing. Prior to Sepracor I had been at FMC as Group Leader, Process research and engineering. Before that I was at BristolMyers Squibb as Research Investigator, Diagnostic Drug Discovery (with Ed Marinelli--the paper you saw must be a BMS publication--where did the paper appear?). Along the way I picked up an MBA in Operations Management and Finance from Rutgers. Married, one daughter age 5.

Home address: 5 Hemingway Street, Shrewsbury, MA 01545
Work address: 84 Waterford Drive Marlboro, MA 01752
Phone: 508-357-7396

08/05/2002 Michael Cann (Ph.D., 1973, Kerber)
Prof. Kerber attended the recent BCCE Conference and reports that Dr. Michael Cann was at the meeting, participating in a symposium on Green Chemistry. Mike is Professor of Chemistry and Co-Director of the Environmental Science Program at University of Scranton, where he has been on the faculty for about 25 years. He is co-author of a manual, "Real World Cases in Green Chemistry', published by ACS and EPA. He spent three weeks in China during Summer, 2002, consulting on green chemistry. His website is at

08/01/2002 Louis Vaz (Post Doc, Alexander, 1979-1986)
After many years in the scientific computing area, Louis has accepted a instructional position in Chemistry at McNeese State University in Lake Charles, Louisiana. His e-mail address is

07/25/2002 Kary Gonzalez (formerly Kary Frullani) (M.S. 1996, Raleigh)
Hello Fellow Alumni, Here's a brief update since my last posting to the Alumni News Page in 1999.

After my move to Purdue Pharma L.P. in Ardsley, NY (US headquarters in Stamford, CT) in June of 1999 many new and exciting events have occurred. In October 2000, I transferred to a new group within Pharmacokinetics & Drug Metabolism (PKDM) called Operations and Submission Support (OSS). Here, I became involved with MS Access, MS Excel, and MS Project database programming. These softwares help me contribute to start up of the Document Coordination and Project Management areas. We are still finding new ways to improve our tracking of controlled documents for submissions and our tracking of project milestones and deadlines. The OSS group had expanded to now service 2 major departments at the R&D facility in Ardsley. We are becoming a highly recognized group at our site.

In addition to my career moves, the most exciting event within the past few years is my marriage to Erik Gonzalez on December 1, 2000. We are expecting our first child, a son, in November of this year. A special hello to Prof. Raleigh and my old classmates. May success and happiness be with you always.

Kary González :-)
Submissions Support Specialist
NDSE/PKDM Operations & Submission Support Group

07/20/2002 Joel Silver (B.S., 1971)
Joel is Vice President of Southwest Sciences. He writes "Nothing much happening here, my company is doing well. My wife, Mary, and I have two children, David(14) and Valerie (8). I haven't been to New York in years, but will stop by and visit if I ever get the chance."

His new address is 13 Tierra Adentro, Santa Fe, NM 87508.

07/19/2002 Zhaoyang Li (PostDoc, 1994-7, Ojima)
I am a patent attorney with Holland & Knight LLP, one of the largest law firms in the world. I have recently received an invitation from the US State Department to represent the U.S. to speak on Intellectual Property protection issues in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Beijing. I have thus far published a book entitled "Commercialization and Protection of Intellectual Property in Hightech and Biotechnology" by Huaxia Publishing House, Beijing, China, and another book entitled "Dancing on A Wire: An Overseas Attorney Discusses about the Technology Industry in China" has been accepted for publication by Tsinghua University Press, China.

In 1997, I went to the Vanderbilt University School of Law to pursue a legal degree and received my J.D. from Vanderbilt in May 2000. My success as a patent attorney is due in large part to the varied and extensive training I received from Professor Ojima's laboratory.

My contact information is as follows:

Holland & Knight LLP, Atlanta, GA 30309-3400
Tel: 404-817-8531: Fax: 404-817-8588

07/02/2002 Shue Y. Lin (Ph.D., 1978, Okaya)
I am a member of class 78 and currently working for Roche Bioscience in Palo Alto, California. Roche Bioscience is hiring a number of Medicinal (Synthetic) Chemists at both Ph.D. (2) and M.S. (5) levels. I wonder if there is any place in the alumni posting that you can provide this information for SUNYSB alumni. They can e-mail their resume to me ( or go directly to Roche Bioscience website.
Shue Y. Lin
Roche Bioscience,
R1-3, 3401 Hillview Avenue, Palo Alto CA 94304
Phone: (650) 855-6378; Fax: (650) 855-5172

Posted Dr. John Piwinski's inspiring address to graduates at the 2002 Departmental Commencement. It should make all of us proud to be chemists.
Alumni may be interested that the "Bridge To Nowhere" is now on its way to eternity

Among those receiving M.D. degrees from the School of Medicine this May (2002) are three former CHE majors: Kwaku Amankwah, Hashibul Hannan, and Kostandinos Sideras. The latter was the winner of the 1996 Sujishi Award, and received Recognition for Research along with his M.D.

05/20/2002 John Piwinski (B.S., 1976)
The Department held its 32nd Departmental Commencement on May 17, 2002. The commencement address was delivered by Dr. John Piwinski, Vice President for Chemical Research at Schering-Plough.

05/13/2002 James McCullagh (Ph.D., 1998, Ojima)
James McCullagh will join the faculty Manhattan College as an Assistant Professor this Fall. Since Jim left Stony Brook, he has been working as a postdoc and then senior postdoc with Professor Morehead at the University of Maryland, College Park.

05/06/2002 Brian Kuhlman (Ph.D., 1998, Raleigh)
has joined the faculty at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill as an Assistant Professor of Biochemistry. Brian completed his PhD under the direction of Dan Raleigh in December of 1998 and then joined Prof. David Baker's laboratory at the University of Washington as a Damon Runyon-Walter Winchell Cancer Research fund postdoctoral fellow. Brian received the President's award for excellence in research and the President's award for excellence in teaching while he was at Stony Brook.

05/02/2002 Ken Nicholas (B.S., 1969)
Featured in the March 11 C&EN Science and Technology Concentrates: recent communications from the laboratory of Ken Nicholas (now Prof. of Chemistry & Biochemistry at Oklahoma) on direct synthesis of indoles from nitroarenes and alkynes.

03/10/2002 F. Scott Lowell (B.S., 1985)
Writes: I'd be grateful if you could add me to the mailing list for the department newsletter. I graduated with Chemistry BS in '85. Current position: President, Quantachrome Instruments, Boynton Beach, Florida.

F. Scott Lowell
Quantachrome Instruments
1900 Corporate Drive
Boynton Beach, FL 33426 USA
tel: 561 731 4999; fax: 561 732 9888

Chemistry Research Day 2002 - A Major Success

03/05/2002 Songnian Lin (Ph.D., Ojima)
The March 4 issue of C&EN highlights the "the first total synthesis of TMC-95A & B" by Dr. Songnian Lin and Prof. Samuel Danishefsky (Columbia and Sloan Kettering) in an article, titled, "ENAMIDE TRANSFORMATION: Novel Construction procedure is key to proteasome inhibitor total synthesis".

03/01/2002 Nadim E. Kayaleh, (Ph. D. 1998, F. Johnson)
Asks that his e-mail address be posted on our alumni e-mail directory -

01/01/2002 Kevin L. Hyms (B.S., 1977)
Hello and happy New Year! Please place me on your mailing and e-mail lists, as I have not been in touch with the Chemistry Department frequently. I still keep in contact with Professor Kenneth Leopold, now at University of Minnessota, Minneapolis. My e-mail is and phone number is 631-585-6950. My address is: Kevin L. Hyms, 34 Arlington Road, Lake Ronkonkoma, NY 11779-1604.
Thank you.

On December 13-14, a special Stony Brook Symposium on Complex Matter was held at Stony Brook to celebrate the 70th birthday of Benjamin Chu, Distinguished Professor. Over 100 eminent scientists from around the world attended this symposium to recognize his significant contributions to the fields of polymer science and complex matter. The symposium comprised three main subjects: nanoscale characterization, phase transition and supramolecular structure, which coincide with Benjamin Chu's distinguished research efforts over 4 decades.

On Dec 16 many friends and colleagues joined with his family to celebrate Francis Bonner's 80th birthday. Prof. Bonner was the first chair of Stony Brook's Chemistry Department
On December 12, the department held a ribbon cutting cermony commemorating the rehabilitation of the 4th floor seminar room. The ceremony was followed by a presentation by Prof. Iwao Ojima, Distinguished Professor and Chair, on the State of the Chemistry Department. The presentation is available on the Chemistry Web site.