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Alumni News


11/30/2000 Stephen Heller (B.S., 1963)
From C&E News, 11/20/2000:
Stephen Heller, an internationally recognized expert in the design, implementation, and management of chemical databases and information systems, will guide the development of specialized databases. Heller is the corecipient of this year's Herman Skolnick Award from ACS's Chemical Information Division. He is a member of the editorial board of the Internet Journal of Chemistry and holds a Ph.D. in chemistry from Georgetown University, Washington, D.C.

11/21/2000 James Avery (B.S., 1978)
Jim graduated in 1978 with a chemistry major . He was recently named medical director of The Hospice of the Florida Suncoast - the largest hospice in the United States. He lives with his wife, Jan, and their three children in Clearwater, Florida.
James Avery, M.D.

11/14/2000 Eduardo Duek (Ph.D.,1983, Alexander)
I noticed that my brief bios in the alumni news shows info that is outdated. I have already reserved the name for my personal internet page, which is still unpublished. ALSO please list that as of december 2000 I am moving to Aventura, FLA, after 6 years in Argentina, so that my eldest, Thomas, could start high school in the US. New coordinates after I move, but the email address listed below should be fine.
Could u plz list

Eduardo E. Duek, Ph. D.
phone 011-5411-4393-3733, fax same
celular 011-5411-5014-3835

09/20/2000 Dan Moriarty(Ph.D., )
Dan is a post -doc at RPI. He notes his e-mail address is

Anita Mehta
Now I am working as associate Director, Medicinal Chemistry Department, New Drug Discovery Research, Ranbaxy Research Laboratories. E-mail address is:

09/07/2000 Arnold Winters (B.S., 1968)
I appreciate the base of knowledge I received while an undergraduate chemistry student in the early days of the University at Stony Brook. .... my interests evolved to business and finance which I feel my educational experiences (chemistry as well as dentistry) rounded out my knowledge base to evaluate the hot high tech industry. .....
I went to Columbia U. for a year after Stony Brook to round out my knowledge of biology and anatomy. I then graduated with a DMD from University of Penn. in '73.

I am married to the same girl, Lois, since '73 and have two children. My daughter Tara is 23 and is a graduate student at the State University of West GA in speech pathology and my son, Shaun is 21 and is a junior undergrad at the University of FL.

I am a planning based financial consultant with Merrill Lynch. I specialize in retirement and estate planning for high net worth clients. I look at TIAA CREF statements and do a Financial Foundation Report to clarify goals and advise clients on allocation of their investments and on the best ways to
avoid estate taxation.

I have a web page at

08/04/2000 David A. Marr (B.S., 1982)
Working in sales for an obscure dot com company in the Silicon Valley that is trying to cash in on the dot com craze and become a household name!!! If that happens, I will be retiring, if not I probably will have a new current position and wishing that I had gone on to Grad School!! (Actually wishing that I studied harder, then I would have been able to go to Grad school). Oh well, the world needs sales people too.

David Marr, Alliance Partner Manager, Kinzan
900 East Hamilton Ave., Ste 100
Campbell, CA 95008, (408) 294-6324; (408) 309-3359 (cell)
Home:1064 Ginger Ln
San Jose, CA 95128

Eric S. Gruff (Ph.D.,1990, Koch)
Since our company (Warner-Lambert) has just merged with Pfizer, I expect a change to some of this data. My phone number shouldn't change, but if you have trouble reaching me at work, you can e-mail me at home using

Also, the last time that I spoke to Kathy McGraw (MS, '89), she was working at Isis Pharmaceuticals in Carlsbad, CA.

Senior Manager, Pharmaceutical Development
Agouron Pharmaceuticals
11099 North Torrey Pines Road
La Jolla, CA 92037; (858) 622-7909

Graham Peaslee (Ph.D., 1988, Alexander)
My happenings are pretty simple, but if you want to add to your data base, I just received tenure and promotion as a joint appointment in Chemistry and Environmental Science at Hope College. Hope College is a liberal arts college in Holland, Michigan with 3000 undergrads and a long history of excellence in its chemistry research program. I am going to spend the 2000-2001 year on sabbatical at Lawrence Livermore National Lab, while my wife Cathy Mader (tenured in the Physics Dept at Hope) spends a sabbatical at Lawrence Berkeley National Lab. My contact information is listed below if anybody wants to get in touch with me.

Graham F. Peaslee
Associate Professor
Chemistry Department phone: (616)395-7117
Hope College, fax: (616)395-7118
Holland, MI 49422-9000 e-mail:

Raymond Mackay(Ph.D., 1966, Schneider)
[Ray was at NSF as a Program Officer in Chemistry for a year.] He writes:
As you are aware, I am curently on leave from Clarkson University at the National Science Foundation. Effective 10 July 2000 I will be continuing my leave from Clarkson, but will be moving to a different position. I will be at the Edgewood Chemical and Biological Center (ECBC) as Director of Research and Technology. Email sent to my Clarkson address ( will continue to reach me, but my new information is given below.

Dr. Raymond Mackay
Director, Research & Technology
U.S. Army Edgewood Chemical Biological Center
Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD 21010-5424
Telephone: 410-436-3250 (fax 2649)
DSN: 584-3250

04/27/2000 Irving Kipnis (B.S., 1967)
I am a sunysb chem. alum. However, I am neither long or lost as far as I know. The alumni assoc. has had my address until recently. It is now Irv Kipnis, 2009 Chapel Ct., Frederick, MD 21702.

After SB I attended Pitt (along with fellow chem alum Norm Rapino, who I roomed with our first year). I was married to Joyce Bass in 1968. Norm and I both selected Clay Griffin as our thesis advisor. At the end of the second year Clay announced that he was moving to U. of Toledo to become Dept. Chairman. Joyce and I decided to go to Toledo. So did Norm and his new bride Eloise (nee Seifert) also a SB graduate, but not in chem. As far as I know, Norm is still in Toledo, but not in a chemical field.

Norm was the first Ph. D. in Chem. graduated from Toledo. I was number 3 in Dec. 72. My daughter Stephanie was born in Toledo (she is now a graduate of U. of MD with a Masters from Towson U.) I was a postdoc for Donald Denney at Rutgers 71-72. In 73 I worked part time at the FMC Corp. Tech Ctr., Princeton, NJ doing library searches. In the 73-74 academic year, I was a lecturer in chem. at Douglass College of Rutgers. I was involved with general chem assisting my SB General and Organic Chem Prof. Bob Boikess and I also taught the short (one semester) organic class. In 74 I got a full time job as a Process Research Chemist at FMC. My son Stuart (BS Chem Eng. Penn State) was born in Princeton in 1974. The degree came several years after the birth. In 1978 I transferred to the Baltimore, MD Agricultural Chem.

Div. Plant. For 10 yrs I managed a plant process dev. lab doing crisis troubleshooting, environmental analysis, process improvement and industrial hygiene. I became a certified industrial hygienist in 1982. Along the way, I got an MBA (U. of Balt. 1980).

In 1987 I left FMC to become the laboratory director for Gascoyne Labs, a commercial environmental testing laboratory in Baltimore. In 1992-3 I was the lab manager for Roy F. Weston in Stockton, CA, In 1993 I returned to Baltimore to American Environmental Network as General Mgr. of their Columbia, MD lab. I left there in 1994 and after a year of unemployment, I joined a small env. lab in Chambersburg, PA. In 1995 I purchased the lab and changed the name to Express Analytical Services, Inc. Although I should have fired myself several times, I am still there.

My wife Joyce got a Bachelors Degree from Hunter College and ironically ended up working in the nursing home industry. She worked herself up to Asst.Administrator and after 20 yrs at one facility, is now the Director of Marketing at St. Agnes Nursing and Rehab. Ctr. in Columbia, MD.

Unfortunately, I do not encounter and have not maintained contact with many SB grads. I did get to work for another of my classmates Al Porter while at FMC in Princeton. I did some part-time teaching at Mercer Co. Community College where Al was the Dept. Head.

Am I still lost, or have I found my way? Either way, I am still not long.

04/27/2000 Aaron Heiss (Ph.D., 1996, Bell)
writes to Professor Ojima:
Thanks for the update in the newsletter. I can tell that everything is moving at a fast pace for you, SUNY and the Chem Dept. Work here is going well, we will have 2 posters at the next ACS meeting and I am gathering information for a paper to keep the PR rolling. I was unable to say hello at the last ACS meeting because Anne and I had our second son, Ethan Samuel born on 3/22/2000. The family keeps getting bigger. Pretty soon it will be time for MiniVan shopping. Please add the the great news to your next newsletter!

Best wishes,
Aaron Heiss, PhD
Research Scientist
12744 San Fernando Road
Sylmar, CA 91342
Phone: (818) 362-5958 Ext: 3508
FAX: (818) 362-0428

04/24/2000 Hong Yang(Ph.D., 1990, Whitten)
In a note to Dave Hanson and Joe Lauher, Hong writes:
It has been a very long time that I have not got in touch or heard from Joe. Of course I met with Dave last October in Raleigh. I have a surprising news for you.
I have accepted an offer from the University of Minnesota as the Director of China Center. The Minnesota China Center, the US's first such center in this century, and one of the four such centers in the US, was established in 1979. It is well structured and funded. I am proud of myself and have competed with three other excellent candidates (one Berkeley PhD, one Harvard PhD, and another Chinese PhD from the United Kingdom). The Minnesota position is excellent for my career and the offer is too attractive to be passed by. I am excited about my new venture! I am sure that when you come to the Twin Cities, I will entertain you right. I expect to have an adjunct professorship from chemistry. I have become the UMn news since last Monday, 4/17, when I took my family for a second visit. Although my pictures on the web site were removed, it is fun to check out the news article at Besides me there are three other staff member in the China Center. I became the first FULL time director, and this shows the university's commitment. In fact, the UMn has a very long history with China. I start my job on June 1, 2000 and will be in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan with the university President Mark Yudof and his delegation from June 19 to July 6.

Hong Yang
Research Associate Professor of Chemistry

03/22/2000 John Tom(B.S., Engineering Chemistry, 1985)
wrote to Prof. Kerber:
I was surprised to get e-mail from you! You were my environmental chemistry course professor! That was a great course!!! I graduated from Brooklyn Tech in 1981 and then went to Stony Brook for Engineering Chemistry (major) and Business Administration (minor). I just got married about two months ago! You can mail me the chemistry newsletter at home: 1373 Dahill Road, Brooklyn, New York 11204-2643. Thank you very much!

Yours in education,
John Tom, A.P. Chemistry Coordinator
Brooklyn Technical High School
29 Fort Greene Place
Brooklyn, New York 11217-1299

03/20/2000 Arnold Winters (B.S., 1968)
We recalled some good old times with Arnold in a phone conversation. He went on from Stony Brook to become a practicing dentist (Dental Degree from the U. Pennsylvania Dental School) which he did for 15 years. At that time, he gave up his practice and has been enjoying his role as a Financial Consultant with Merrill Lynch in Atlanta GA ever since..

03/17/2000 Bob Wedinger (Ph.D., 1984, leNoble)
Just got the Newsletter and was glad to be able to catch up on some old comrades. Checked out the web-site and saw the last update on me was when I ran into Bob Kerber at an ACS meeting several years ago. I have attached an announcement on where I am, and what I am doing now. Allied acquired Honeywell In December and adopted the Honeywell name so my E-mail address is Please add it to your directory. I was a graduate student in Prof. leNoble's group and received my Ph.D. in 1984, then went on to Post-Doc for E.J.Corey at Harvard.

Soami P. Satsangee(Ph.D., 1990, Koch)
I am an alumni of Stony Brook Chemistry Department and have been regularly receiving the newsletter. Thank you for informing me about the activities going on in the chemistry department. We are settled in Agra (India) and have two sons. My wife teaches in the education department(TESOL) whereas my job involves fabrication, maintenance and repair of our university's scientific instruments. My graduate study experience at Stony Brook Chemistry Department has helped me in handling various scientific instruments.

Agra (The city of Taj Mahal) is getting all ready for Bill Clinton's visit on 22 March, 2000 to India. Faculty/Staff/Alumni of Chemistry department visiting Agra(India) in future can contact me.

Dr. Soami P. Satsangee
Reader & Incharge
University Science Instrumentation Centre
Dayalbagh Educational Institute
Dayalbagh, Agra-282005 INDIA

Domenic Ali (B.S., 1979)
In response to a note from Prof. Kerber

I went on to UC Berkeley and received a PhD in chemistry in 1983 (Dick Porter wanted me to go to Harvard -- to this day, I wonder what would have happened if I had accepted their offer instead of Berkeley). While I was doing well at UC Berkeley, I had mixed feelings about pursuing a career in science by the time I finished my dissertation. since I didn't want to make any abrupt decisions, I decided to take a post-doc position at Univ of Colorado (I lived in Boulder from 1983 to 1989). during that time, I started reading psychoanalysis and found it fascinating. in fact, so much so, that i volunteered at a local crisis clinic to see what mental health work "really looked liked." turns out I liked it, a lot. but more importantly, the people who supervised me seem to think I had a talent for it. so, while on sabbatical at Oxford University in 1985/6 (i was still a chemist), taking a walk on a sunday afternoon i decided i should take the plunge and change careers (i'm not making this up -- it was an important decision and I really remember when and where I was when I made it). .........I applied to Smith College and pursued a MSW and, in 1989, returned to the San Francisco area and began working as a social worker with HIV+ clients. I've spent to last ten years shaping my career towards psychotherapy and teaching. I currently am the Coordinator of the Brief Psychotherapy Training Program at the UCSF AIDS Health Project (being a married, heterosexual HIV- man working within the gay community in San Francisco is a whole story in itself -- I can't even begin to tell you how much I've enriched my life by having chosen to devote myself to this -- not the typical career path for a son-of-italian-immigrants-who-moved-to brooklyn- to-raise-a-family boy!).

The artwork is a separate story. I started missing science more and more as the years went by so in 1994 I bought a MAC computer so I could start experimenting with collage art .... So I taught myself collage art. Once I put up my web site, I started getting inquires to submit work to art sites and magazines, even being invited to submit art to a book project (the book is a collection of digital art work from around the world that is suppose to represent cutting edge work -- needless to say, I am flattered that I was seen in the company of some pretty serious graphic artists)......

Thanks for asking,


03/07/2000 Raymond Mackay (Ph.D., 1966, Schneider)
Ray Mackay, Stony Brook's first Ph.D., and Professor of Chemistry at Clarkson U. is on a one year leave of absence from his faculty position and is a Program officer in NSF's Division of Inorganic, Bioinorganic, and Organometallic Chemistry.

Deirdre Belle-Oudry (B.S., 1990)
I am currently working in the hydrology department at the University of Arizona as a Research Specialist. My job entails analyzing ice cores from Greenland and Antarctica for a variety of chemical species in order to determine annual snow accumulation rates for these areas and to understand changes in past atmospheric chemistry. I have worked here for about 14 months. Last summer I was involved in field work in Greenland, which was an interesting experience. We traveled to the middle of the Greenland ice sheet, where we analyzed a 136 meter deep ice core on site.

This research is quite a change from my educational/postdoctoral research. I completed my Ph.D. in physical chemistry at Cornell in November 1996. There I was studying crossed-molecular beam reactions using lasers to photolyze and probe molecules. A large part of my time in graduate school was spent in designing and building an crossed-beam apparatus with a time-of-flight mass spectrometric detection system.

I then worked as a postdoc at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory in Golden, Colorado for two years. While I used a lot of the same techniques there that I used in graduate school, the research was applied to study biomass fuel combustion. We used both time-of-flight and quadrupole mass spectrometric detection techniques
to detect combustion products.

After finishing my postdoc, my husband and I moved to Tucson. I wanted a bit of a change from the research I had been doing, and found a position here at the university.
I hope all is well at Stony Brook. Thank you for contacting me!

Deirdre Belle-Oudry
Department of Hydrology and Water Resources
University of Arizona
Tucson, AZ 85721
Fax: (520)621-1422

01/27/2000 Chi Wu(Ph.D., 1987 and Post Doctoral, Chu)
Current position: Professor of Chemistry (British university system, a position similar to a Chair Professorship in the US system)

I am still interested in polymer science and trying to combine synthetic chemistry with physics. Particularly, I am interested in intelligent microgels, block copolymers with specific functions, and polymeric nanoparticles. My wife, Yueyuan Huang, is also teaching in university and we have two kids, David (14 years old) and Jennifer (12 years old). Happy and Healthy in Hong Kong. Please visit us if you come near this part of the world. Please keep in touch. With best wishes.

Department of Chemistry
The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Shatin, N.T. Hong Kong
Tel: +852-2609-6106 Fax: +852-2603-5057 http:\\

01/07/2000 Dan Moriarty (Ph.D., 1999, Raleigh)
I'm a postdoc at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) over in Troy, NY with Freddie Colon. I'm doing work on protein folding (A DNA-binding protein known as FIS) and misfolding (Serum Amyloid A) and really enjoying myself, although I do miss everyone at Stony Brook. I'm looking at a 2-2.5 year stint year, and after that, well, who knows? The real big thing in my life was the birth of my son, Daniel Robert on July 20th (the 30th anniversary of the moon landing). He's really cute and a ton of fun, and now that he sleeps through the night we're much happier!
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Chemistry Dept, Cogswell rm. 125
110 8th Street
Troy, NY 12180
Phone: (518) 276-3027 (lab); Fax:(518) 276-4887; (518) 237-3102 (home);