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Giving Day - The Department of Asian and Asian Amercian Studies Fellowships for AAS Double Majors

The Department of Asian and Asian American Studies provides fellowships to support students who double major in AAS and another discipline and who aspire to be global-minded, visionary leaders with unique skill sets to help shape the future of our increasingly interconnected world. In an era dominated by big business, big data and STEM — science, technology, engineering and mathematics — a degree in the humanistic fields is sometimes undervalued. However, as we live through the tumult of a global pandemic and political strife in nearly every corner of the globe, it’s become clearer than ever that knowledge of global contexts and humanistic perspectives are essential to meeting the world’s challenges — and they always have been.
In the Department of Asian and Asian American Studies, we have had many successful alumni double majoring in AAS, STEM, business and other fields. The department also has minors in Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Religious Studies and South Asian Studies, which provide resources for students to focus on specific area studies. Equipping students of diverse fields with perspective and knowledge in the humanities and global contexts is crucial for students’ success in the future. With your support, we will provide fellowships for students to double major in AAS and another field.
Your support will help us:
  • Encourage students from a variety of majors to add AAS as a double major
  • Provide opportunities for students to gain a humanistic and global perspective by majoring in AAS
  • Help students who are financially disadvantaged to major in AAS

We thank you in advance!