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Ongoing Research 

Anthropology faculty conduct field research throughout the world in the areas of Archaeology, Ethnography, Human and Primate Evolution, and Primate Behavior, Ecology and Conservation.

Elisabeth Hildebrand’s research in Sudan, Ethiopia, and Kenya concerns the beginnings of food production in Africa. John Shea and Elisabeth Hildebrand are collaborating on the Early Holocene archaeology of West Turkana, Kenya. Katheryn Twiss analyzes faunal remains exported from multiple sites in Turkey and Iraq in order to characterize ancient cities' food practices and landscape use. Sonia Harmand and Jason Lewis study evidence of the earliest human stone tool use and reconstruct associated environments in northern Kenya as part of the West Turkana Archaeological Project.

Ethnographic research is ongoing in East Timor (David Hicks).

Primate and human paleontology research is being conducted in Kenya (Carrie Mongle, James Rossie, Gabrielle Russo) and South Africa (Frederick Grine).

Research on primate behavioral ecology is being conducted in East Africa (Amy Lu, Catherine Markham), Asia (Andreas Koenig, Amy Lu), and Madagascar (Patricia Wright). 

Cutting edge comparative research on brain evolution (Jeroen Smaers) and skull development/evolution (Chris Percival) are completed using cellular scale histological images and high resolution 3D scans.