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Baccalaureate (BA) in Anthropology


The major in anthropology leads to the Bachelor of Arts degree. The objective is to train students in all three sub-disciplines, while allowing students to concentrate in a specific area of their choice.


Students with a degree in anthropology may take one of several post-graduate paths. Some continue their anthropology training in graduate schools, many at the finest graduate schools in the country. Others may pursue medical training. Historically, archaeology and cultural anthropology have appealed to students interested in education, government (foreign service), public health, business (e.g., overseas marketing), history, and ethnic/cultural studies. Biological anthropology has been popular with students interested in biology, medicine, dentistry, ecology, evolution, and the earth sciences. More information about what to do with an Anthropology degree follow can be found here.

Research Opportunities

Anthropology students from Stony Brook have participated in numerous research programs in England, Ireland, France, Germany, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Russia, Syria, Iraq, Israel, Jordan, the Phillipines, Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, Madagascar, South Africa, Costa Rica, Belize, and Peru. Research opportunites also exist closer to home on Long Island, including as part of ongoing research within the department.


Students must take an introductory course in the three offered sub-fields and include at least 15 credits of upper-division courses in the major (300 level or higher). All courses taken towards the major must be passed with a letter grade of C or higher. No transfer credits with a grade lower than C may be applied toward major requirements. Completion of the major requires 36 credits and students must achieve an evaluation of S (Satisfactory) for a paper written for a 300-level or higher ANP or ANT course.

For the major requirements checklist, click here. For earlier requirement terms, contact office staff.


Students can choose from a variety of courses related to Biological Anthropology (ANP), Cultural Anthropology & Archaeology (ANT), and Human Evolutionary Biology (EBH). The listing of courses for the upcoming semester can be found on the web page of the University Registrar. SBU Class Find can help you search for scheduled courses in an interactive way.

For the Summer 2023 Session I Course Schedule, click here.

For the Summer 2023 Session II Course Schedule, click here.

For the Fall Semester 2023 Course Schedule, click here.

For the Summer/Fall 2023 ANP/ANT course Permission Request Form, click here.

For the Summer/Fall 2023 EBH course Permission Request Form, click here.

For the Anthropology Department EXP+ Contract Form, click here

Honors Program

The honors program is designed for students preparing to undertake graduate work in anthropology. A detailed description of the honors program requirements is given in the Undergraduate Bulletin (scroll down to Honors Program in Anthropology).

Director of Undergraduate Studies
Catherine Markham
Phone: (631) 632-5755
Academic Programs Coordinator
Tara Powers
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