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Turkana Basin Institute 

Alicia DeRosalia, Administrator
Phone: +1-631-632-5803, Email:

Sonia Harmand, Research Professor, TBI; Associate Research Scientist, CNRS
Paleolithic Archaeology, Human Evolution, Africa, Lithic Technology, Early Hominin Cognition and Behavior, Primate Archaeology

Elisabeth Hildebrand, Associate Professor
Archaeology, Early Farming, Africa, Paleoethnobotany

Louise Leakey, Research Professor, TBI
Human Evolution, Paleoecology, Africa
Phone: +1-631-632-5800, Email:

Meave G. Leakey, Research Professor, TBI
Human Evolution, Primate Evolution, Africa
Phone: +1-631-632-5800, Email:

Jason Lewis, Research Affiliate, TBI
Human Evolution, Paleontology, Paleoecology, Zooarchaeology, Africa

Lawrence B. Martin, Professor; Director, TBI
Primate Evolution, Dental Enamel, Neogene Vertebrate Paleontology
Phone: +1-631-632-5800, Email: 

Dino Martins, Chief Executive Officer, TBI (Kenya)
Entomology, Evolutionary Biology, Biodiversity Conservation
Phone: +1-631-632-5802, Email:

Carrie S. Mongle, Assistant Professor
Human Evolution, Hominin Phylogenetics, Macroevolution
Phone: +1-631-632-7622, Email: 

Bernard Wood, University Professor of Human Origins, GWU
Human Evolution, Comparative Primatology, History of Paleoanthropology