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Carrie S. Mongle

Assistant ProfessorCarrie Mongle
Ph.D., Stony Brook University, 2019

Phone: +1-631-632-7622


Courses taught at Stony Brook include: ANP 315 Climate Change and Human Evolution, ANP 306/ANT 506 Human Evolution and Evidence from the Turkana Basin, and ANP 300 Human Anatomy.

Research Interests

My research aims to reconstruct the major trends and transitions that characterize hominin diversity and evolution. My ongoing work towards that goal involves (1) the discovery and description of new hominin fossils from the Turkana Basin in Kenya; (2) quantification of morphological variation; and (3) comprehensive phylogenetic analyses founded on the careful character assessment of both craniodental and postcranial characters. This research incorporates comparative anatomy, high resolution computed tomography scanning, 3D geometric morphometrics, and a variety of statistical modeling approaches.  In addition, I am interested in the use and development of phylogenetic comparative methods to evaluate the relationship between variation, evolvability, and macroevolution in the primate dentition. 

For more details on Dr. Mongle’s research, please visit her lab website [expected to go live in Fall 2021].