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Associated Faculty

Carola Borries , Research Associate Professor
Reproductive Strategies, Socioecology, Reproduction and Life History, Dominance and Competition

Louise Leakey, Research Professor
Human Evolution, Paleoecology, Africa
Phone: +1-631-632-5800, Email:

Meave G. Leakey, Research Professor
Human Evolution, Primate Evolution, Africa
Phone: +1-631-632-5800, Email:

Richard E. Leakey, Professor; Chair, TBI
Human Evolution, Conservation
Phone: +1-631-632-5800, Email:

F. James Rohlf, Research Professor
Biometry, Geometric Morphometrics, Theory of Systematics

Elizabeth Sawchuk, Research Assistant Professor
Bioarchaeology, Sub-Saharan Africa, Health and Disease, Dental Anthropology

Elizabeth C. Stone , Professor Emerita
Old World Archaeology, Ancient Near Eastern Economy and Society, Complex Societies and Urbanism, Remote Sensing and GIS