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Associated Faculty

Carola Borries , Research Associate Professor
Reproductive Strategies, Socioecology, Reproduction and Life History, Dominance and Competition

Louise Leakey, Research Professor
Human Evolution, Paleoecology, Africa
Phone: +1-631-632-5800, Email:

Meave G. Leakey, Research Professor
Human Evolution, Primate Evolution, Africa
Phone: +1-631-632-5800, Email:

Richard E. Leakey, Professor; Chair, TBI
Human Evolution, Conservation
Phone: +1-631-632-5800, Email:

F. James Rohlf, Research Professor
Biometry, Geometric Morphometrics, Theory of Systematics

Elizabeth C. Stone, Professor Emerita
Old World Archaeology, Ancient Near Eastern Economy and Society, Complex Societies and Urbanism, Remote Sensing and GIS