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Lawrence B. Martin

ProfessorLawrence Martin
Director, TBI

Ph.D., University College, London, 1983

Phone: +1-631-632-5800

Research Interests

Lawrence Martin is a paleoprimatologist whose research focuses on the evolution of hominoid primates and the development, structure and thickness of dental enamel. He has conducted paleontological fieldwork at Miocene sites in Cameroon, Kenya, Pakistan and Turkey. His laboratory research on enamel structure involves the use of confocal microscopy, polarized light microscopy, and scanning electron microscopy. His research has addressed phylogeny reconstruction for extant and extinct hominoid primates, species recognition in the fossil record and enamel development and thickness. Current projects include studies of enamel thickness and development in extant and extinct hominoid primates, enamel thickness, structure and development in platyrrhines, and the development of enamel structure in Malagasy strepsirhines.