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David B. Hicks

D. Phil., University of Oxford, 1973; Ph.D., University of London, 1971



Courses taught at Stony Brook include: ANT 102 - What Makes Us Human?, ANT 200 - Contemporary and Historical Perspectives on Insular Southeast Asia, ANT 351 - Comparative Religion, ANT 354 - Family Kinship and Marriage, ANT 401 - Problems in Social and Cultural Anthropology.

Research Interests

My research involves the study of ritual, belief, oral literature, and kinship. Regionally, my work is focused on East Timor, Indonesia, and, more generally, Southeast Asia. My field research includes four periods of research in East Timor, staring in 1966 and continuing to the present time, totally about 21 months; and five months of field research in western Flores, Indonesia, in 1983 and 1986. My current investigations are into the politics of East Timor during the period 1974-1975, and my plans include fieldwork on the topic in that country from January to June 2005 as a Fulbright Scholar. The results of my research have appeared in four books and various papers.