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Amy Lu

Associate Professor
aluDirector, Ph.D. program (IDPAS)
Ph.D., Stony Brook University, 2009

Phone: +1-631-632-1539


Courses taught at Stony Brook include:  ANP 101 - Human Biology, ANP 300 - Human Anatomy, EBH 325 - Evolution of Sex, EBH 331 - Hormones and Behavior, EBH 405 - Life History and Development.

Research Interests

My research interests focus on questions related to behavioral endocrinology, reproductive physiology, sexual selection, and development of non-human primates. My research questions have broadly included: How do nutrition and phytochemicals affect female reproduction? Do females choose who to mate with? And if so, what forms the basis of their mating preferences? And finally, what social and ecological factors influence female reproduction and development, including the timing of reproductive maturation and the trajectory of somatic growth? I consider these questions from an ultimate perspective, while at the same time using hormones to identify the mechanisms linking ecological and social factors, on the one hand, to reproductive and developmental consequences, on the other. My research subjects have primarily included Old World monkeys living in their natural habitats in Thailand (Phayre’s leaf monkeys) and Ethiopia (geladas).