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West Campus, Health Sciences, and School of Medicine

Research Project Assistant (RPA) and Fellows


Bi-Weekly Premiums



Individual + One Dependent

Individual + Two or More Dependents

Graduate Student Employee

$16.04 $63.84 $90.73


$160.41 $351.62 $459.15




An employee who is a State University of New York (SUNY) graduate student in active Research Foundation employment status and who meets the following criteria is eligible for coverage: Eligibilty.

Graduate and postdoctoral fellows receiving an annualized stipend of at least $4,293 through the RF payroll system are eligible for coverage.

Effective Date

If the graduate student or fellow enrolls within 45 days, there is no waiting period for this benefit - coverage becomes effective on the date of hire, eligibility, or fellowship appointment. If the student or fellow does not enroll within 45 days of becoming eligible, there will be a 30-day waiting period before coverage begins. For more information, visit Waiting Period.


See chart above. Payroll deductions will be made on a pre-tax basis unless you sign a waiver to decline this benefit. If you delay in enrolling more than 45 days after your hire date, your deductions will be taken on an after-tax basis for the duration of the plan year (to be determined by the date the Benefits Office receives your completed forms). 

During the first 2 paychecks after your enrollment takes effect, double deductions will be taken for premium contributions, in order to cover the 28-day extension of benefits which is provided when your employment terminates or drops below eligibility requirements.


Within 45 days...

To enroll, complete the Research Foundation (RF) Graduate Student Employee Health Plan Enrollment Form and return it to 

The Research Foundation does not require proof documents (for enrollee or any dependents) when enrolling in benefits.


While the RF does not require proof documents when initially enrolling in benefits, changes due to a qualifying event require proofs.

Qualifying Event

If an employee experiences a qualifying event,required proof documents must accompany the adding/removing of a dependent from their insurance. In addition to the qualifying events listed here, if an RF employee's family moves to the U.S., that is also considered a qualifying event and we are able to enroll them in benefits using the date stamp in their passport as the QE date. 

For each person to be covered during a QE, copies of required proof documents must be attached to the SUNY RF Benefits Enrollment Formand sent to

Family Plan Coverage

Who can be covered?
Eligible Dependents:

⇒Spouse/Domestic Partner. For the required domestic partner documents & proofs go here.

⇒Child/Children up until the age of 26 years old (including step children, adopted children and/or children of your domestic partner). 

⇒Disabled Child/Children may be covered beyond 26 years old subject to carrier approval.  Additional PS451 - Statement of Disabilityrequired.


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Open Enrollment

Changes to your health insurance can be made during the Open Enrollment, which is Nov. 1st through Nov. 30th every year.

With Qualifying Event

Or within 31 days of experiencing a “qualified event” (i.e. birth of a child, marriage, divorce). Qualifying Events

Without Qualifying Event

Additional changes may be made without a qualifying event; however, you will be subject to a 30 day wait plus after tax premium deductions for the remainder of the plan year (to be determined by the date the Benefits Office receives your completed forms).


If you terminate your RF employment, your health insurance will remain in effect for 28 days from your last day of employment and then COBRA continuation of benefits will be offered.





When will my ID Card(s) arrive?

You will receive your identification card approximately 6 weeks after a Benefits staff member has processed your Benefits Enrollment Form.

Can I use my benefits before ID Cards arrive?

If you are enrolled, you may contact the Benefits Office at (631) 632-6180 and a staff member will be happy to provide you with the identification card number(s) and effective date. You may bring the card number(s) to the appropriate medical or hospital personnel as necessary.

Lost ID Cards?

You can order new insurance cards at RF Self-Service, a secure website for active, eligible RF employees to access their health insurance enrollment information. For additional assistance registering, please refer to the Enrollment Guideor call 631-632-6180.


When will deductions start?

Please allow two pay periods from the time that you submit your Benefits Enrollment Form and required proof of eligibility to Benefits. If it has been more than two pay periods you may contact the Benefits Office at (631) 632-6180 and a staff member will be happy to assist you.

Deduction Amount is Wrong?

If the biweekly health insurance deduction on your paycheck is incorrect —  e.g., individual coverage but you elected family coverage —   or it changed and you did not request any changes —  contact the Benefits Office immediately at (631) 632-6180 to speak with a staff member.

Deduction Missing?

If you do not see the health insurance deduction on your paycheck, please allow two pay periods from the time that you submit your Health Insurance Transaction Form and required proof of eligibility to the Benefits Section. If it has been more than two pay periods contact the Benefits Office immediately at (631) 632-6180 to speak with a staff member.