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West Campus, Health Sciences, and School of Medicine

Returned Check Policy

State Employees

A department's account will be charged for the full value of the employee's paycheck when the paycheck is returned to the Office of the State Comptroller (OSC), due to late submission of paperwork for: RESIGNATIONS, TERMINATIONS, RETIREMENTS, LEAVES (less than full pay), and FTE CHANGES.

The Returned Check Policy states that if a paycheck needs to be returned to OSC due to the late submission of paperwork for these type of transactions, the department will lose the value of the returned check. This is referred to as a sanction, the department's account will NOT be credited.

You may prevent the loss of department funds by notifying Human Resources- State Payroll by the hotline deadline, as indicated on the 'Paperwork Submission Deadline Schedule'. 

Hotline Procedure

The Hotline was established as a way for VP Coordinators to notify HR State Payroll of these transactions when the paperwork deadline has passed.

Send Email

Send an email to This will ensure that the appropriate Human Resources staff are notified.

Your email must include:
→Your name & phone number
→The employee's name, department, line number, NYS ID number, type of transaction and effective date.

Submit Paperwork

For West Campus & Health Sciences employees submit paperwork to

For Hospital & LISVH employees submit paperwork to