Holiday Schedule For RF Employees

September 2019 through September 2020

Labor Day Monday September 2, 2019
Columbus Day** Monday October 14, 2019
Election Day* Tuesday November 5, 2019
Veteran's Day* Monday November 11, 2019
Thanksgiving Day Thursday November 28, 2019
Christmas Day Wednesday December 25, 2019
New Year's Day Wednesday January 1, 2020
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Monday January 20, 2020
Lincoln's Birthday* Wednesday February 12, 2020
Washington's Birthday* Monday February 17, 2020
Memorial Day Monday May 25, 2020
Independence Day Saturday July 4, 2020
Labor Day Monday September 7, 2020

*CLASSES WILL BE IN SESSION AND OFFICES REMAIN OPEN ON: Election Day, Veteran's Day, Lincoln's Birthday and Washington's Birthday.


Full-time employees will earn holiday leave for all observed holidays that are worked. The maximum holiday leave earned will be 7.50 hours for a 37.50 hour workweek or 8.00 hours for a 40-hour workweek. Full time employees who take off on a holiday will receive a full day's pay.

Part-time employees (who work 50% effort or more) are entitled to observe only those holidays that fall on days when they are regularly scheduled to work. When a holiday falls on a scheduled work day the part time employee earns whatever hours they normally work for that particular day, not to exceed 7.50 or 8.00 hours. When a holiday falls on a weekend the part time employee earns the value of double their sick accrual rate. (Example: normally earns 2.00 hours sick time will earn 4.00 hours in holiday time.) Part time employees who take off on a holiday will receive pay for the hours he or she is scheduled to normally work on that particular day. All part time employees MUST have a work schedule on file with the Research Foundation Payroll Unit.

For all employees Supervisory approval is required before holiday leave can be taken. The Research Foundation encourages employees to use leave within a reasonable period.

Holiday leave, if not used before termination of employment, will be lost.

For additional information, please call your Research Foundation Appointment & Payroll Specialist.