Workplace Violence

Incident Reporting and Investigation

All incidents, including potential incidents, of workplace violence (WPV) should be reported within 24 hours or as soon as possible following the occurrence. A Workplace Violence Incident Report Form must be completed by the victim or the victim's supervisor if the victim is unavailable for all incidents. The supervisor is to ensure that the employee completes other reports, such as a worker's compensation claim if applicable.

The completed Workplace Violence Incident Report Form should be sent to by the employee or supervisor to Human Resource Services for all incidents occurring on West Campus, Health Science Center, SB Manhattan, and SB Southampton; and the respective Human Resource Services office for all incidents occurring at the University Hospital and the Veteran's Home. Human Resource Services shall coordinate review of incidents with the Incident Review Team.

Where there is a reasonable basis to believe that an employee involved with a workplace incident may be the subject of disciplinary action, a copy of the Incident Report will be provided to Labor Relations.

After review, the incident report may be provided to the Workplace Violence Prevention Team, which is charged with evaluating incidents referred to them and if appropriate, make recommendations to prevent future similar occurrences.