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Upcoming Spring 2019 Workshops

There are no more workshops for spring 2019. Please check back later for new fall 2019 programs.


Past Spring 2019 Programs

Persian Geometric Art workshop poster

Persian Geometric Art
By Ghazaleh Khayat
Wednesday, April 3, 2019 @ 1 PM
Charles B. Wang Center Room 301

(* Please note that location has changed to Room 301.) 

Geometric art is a traditional art motif found in much of the iconic architecture, ancient manuscripts, apparel, and stoneware of the Islamic lands in the Middle East, North Africa, and Southern Europe. Artists of all stripes and nationalities have been inspired by nature and combined their artistic sensibilities with mathematics and geometry to create astonishing artworks. The Islamic world, with its restrictions on the representational depiction, is no exception, and masterpieces that have dazzled for centuries—designed and created using very simple tools such as the ruler and the compass—are a testament to the skills of Muslim artists. In this workshop, we will be following in the footsteps of these artists, producing geometric patterns of our own with the same simple tools.




Origami Napkins workshop poster

Origami Napkins
By Thomas R. Crain
Friday, April 26, 2019 @ 1 PM
Charles B. Wang Center Chapel

Origami is a one-of-a-kind art form: it can be as simple as a fold and as complex as sculpture. In this workshop, Thomas R. Crain will show how to add a stylish touch of contemporary origami to our homes by teaching attendees how to make origami napkins. He will teach several folding techniques with fabric, including modern pattern techniques that use tessellations.

About the Instructor

Originally trained as a scientist specializing in speech and hearing science, Dr. Thomas R. Crain has developed a second career as an origami artist. His work explores the confluence of origami, science, and engineering principles, whereby new materials are folded into origami and new origami folding methods are developed. His signature origami technique is called tessellation, a folding technique that produces a flat surface of folding geometric tiles.




Dim Sum workshop poster

Calling All Dumpling Lovers!
By Kenny Lao, Owner of Rickshaw Dumpling Bar
Friday, May 3, 2019 @ 1 PM
Charles B. Wang Center Chapel

“Dumpling” is a broad classification for dishes that consist of pieces of dough wrapped around a filling. Dumplings may be prepared using a variety of methods, including baking, boiling, frying, simmering, or steaming, and are found in many world cuisines. Kenny Lao, founder of the Rickshaw Dumpling Bar, will share his culinary journey from food trucks to restaurant and a dumpling line for Fairway Market. He will bring a variety of dumplings from different regions of China for tasting and provide a tutorial on how to make some unique dumpling folds, including the halfmoon fold, crescent fold, curvy S fold, buddha belly fold, tortellini fold, V fold, and the overachiever fold. Lao’s first cookbook, Hey There, Dumpling!, will also be available for sale.

About the Speaker

Kenny Lao grew up making Chinese dumplings with his mom, and his passion for that signature dish led to the creation of the Rickshaw Dumpling Bar, of which he is the owner and managing partner. Originally from California, Kenny’s success in the ultra-competitive New York fast-casual restaurant scene has led to awards and accolades. Kenny Lao was also a contestant on Food Network Star.

Supported by Jacqueline M. Newman Endowed Fund, the program is co-organized by the Confucius Institute, China Center, and the University Libraries.

confucius institute




Past Programs

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