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Pluralism in the Devotional Islamic Art of South Asia

Spam, War, and Cuisine

"The Studio: Through A Surrealistic Lens" Exhibition

The Motif of Potatoes in Korean Media (Old and New) by Grace Jung

Lunar New Year Celebration 2018

2018 Tea Ceremony at the Charles B. Wang Center

Modern Tea Suitcase for Globetrotters

Spring 2017 Art & Cultural Programs

A Contemporary Art Practice From A Trans-Asian Perspective with Artist Ren Zi

The Killing Fields of Dr. Haing S. Ngor

The Making of White Wonderland by Wonju Seo

The Hyphenated Life: Being a Multi-Genre Artist in Multi-Cultural Singapore

Full Moon Festival: Beat to the Moon!

Sufi Songs of Love 2015

Charles B Wang Center Spring 2015 Exhibitions

Artist Talk by Shiva Ahmadi

Red Door of China