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August 2019 at Charles B. Wang Center

A Letter from the Director

Dear Friends,

Our fall exhibition, Korea: A Land of Hats (September 10–December 15, 2019), explores centuries-old Korean hat traditions. Ancient Korean culture will come alive through hat fashion! As recently as a century ago, many types and styles of hats were widely used in Korea, and with just a glance, you would be able to tell the wearer’s gender, occupation, social class, and even affiliation. A hat was an essential part of any Korean’s wardrobe. This exhibition is another of the Charles B. Wang Center’s efforts to bring rare Asian cultures and values across time to twenty-first century Long Island. We invite you all to attend the opening reception on September 10 at 5 PM. Feel free to wear any kind of hat you like to this rare exhibition.

This season, we’re bringing something special to our theatre. We will showcase a series of critically acclaimed Asian animated films certain to delight children, families, and animation fans alike. Featured tales are from Afghanistan, Tibet, Japan, and Lebanon.

We also launched a new website, from which you will be able to view archived videos of our past lectures. Enjoy your visit to both our website and the Charles B. Wang Center.

I look forward to having a fantastic season ahead and welcoming you.

With kind regards,

Jinyoung A. Jin
Director of Cultural Programs