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International Faculty & Visiting Scholars


You MUST have the SUNY International Health Insurance coverage while researching, studying, or teaching at Stony Brook University.

United States Federal Law requires you have adequate insurance coverage while in the United States in J-1 or J-2 status. If you become a regular paid employee of the University, you can enroll in the coverage offered through the Human Resources office located in Suite 390, Administration. Please note: J-1 scholars must continue to purchase MedEx insurance for the entire period of stay in J-1 status.

Rates and Coverage

2023-24 Coverage Brochure

2023-2024 Hightlight Sheet

  Annual 2023-2024
8/15/2023 - 8/14/2024
Fall 2023
8/15/2023 - 1/14/2024
Spring 2024
1/15/2024 - 6/14/2024
Spring/Summer 2024
1/15/2024 - 8/14/2024
Summer 2024
5/15/2024 - 8/14/2024
Student $3,852.28 $1,610.38 $1,599.85 $2,241.90 $968.33
Spouse/Domestic Partner $3,604.00 $1,506.59 $1,496.74 $2,097.41 $905.92
One Dependent $3,604.00 $1,506.59 $1,496.74 $2,097.41 $905.92
Two or More Dependents $7,208.00 $3,013.18 $2,993.48 $4,194.82 $1,811.84
Spouse/Partner and Two or More Dependents $10,812.00 $4,519.77 $4,990.22 $6,292.23 $2,717.76

Additional Payment Options*:

  • Monthly: $321.02
  • 16 Day Rate: $168.40
  • Daily: $10.53

*Options cannot be combined.

How to Enroll

When you arrive you will automatically be billed in SOLAR for the appropriate insurance.  Payment can be made online in SOLAR under "What do I owe?"

Once you are enrolled in the health insurance plan, you will receive information directly from United Healthcare and instructions on how to print your insurance card.


Enroll a Dependent

Full Coverage:

MedEx Coverage:

United Healthcare Policy Information

To check claims status, ask benefit questions, locater a provider inside the USA, obtain a Visa letter, or to inquire about specific drug coverage under this policy: 888-714-6544 or

For medical providers inside the USA, please click here: UHC Options

To create or login to your UHC student account, please visit or download their mobile app from your smartphone (UHCSR Mobile App) available on the App Store or Google play

To locate a Provider/Pharmacy outside the USA and for emergencies abroad: 844-249-0748 (24/7)

Frequently Asked Questions

Optional Practical Training Participants (OPT)

Once you graduate from Stony Brook and obtain OPT status, you may continue your international student health insurance plan. You cannot have any lapse of insurance coverage between the mandatory insurance and this extension plan. Email to enroll.

As an OPT participant, you will have a $50 deductible for every NEW medical problem for which you need medical services. This deductible cannot be waived. In addition, you can no longer use Student Health Services once you begin the OPT insurance coverage.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Search for Doctors and Hospitals in International Destinations