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International Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP)

Coverage Overview and Rates:

Currently Enrolled:

Waiving the Student Health Insurance Plan:

FAQs and Contact Information:


Eligibility, Coverage, Rates and Enrollment


All full-time, matriculated outbound (Study Abroad) Stony Brook students are automatically enrolled onto the student health insurance plan. Students have the option to waive the student health insurance plan if they have comparable coverage that meets the required standards of the University.

Coverage Highlights

2023-2024 Coverage Brochure

2023-2024 Highlight Sheet

Coverage Rates

2023 - 2024 Annual Fall Spring/Summer Summer 2024
Student $2,568.28 $1,073.63 $1,494.65 $645.58
Spouse/Domestic Partner $2,320.00 $969.84 $1,350.16 $583.17
One Dependent $2,320.00 $969.84 $1,350.16 $583.17
Two or More Dependents $4,640.00 $1,939.68 $2,700.32 $1,166.34
Spouse and Two or More Children $6,960.00 $2,909.52 $4,050.48 $1,749.51


Coverage Periods

Coverage Period Coverage Start Date Coverage End Date Enrollment/Waiver Deadline
Annual 8/15/2023 8/14/2024 8/23/2023
Fall 8/15/2023 1/14/2024 8/23/2023
Spring/Summer 1/15/2024 8/14/2024 1/24/2024
Summer 5/15/2024 8/14/2024 -


Enrollment Form

International Student Health Insurance Enrollment Form

Enrollment for Spouse/Domestic Partner and Dependents:

(F-2 or J-2 spouse and/or children) must also have health insurance. You must pay the additional cost for dependent coverage directly to United Healthcare, after you are already enrolled in coverage. This MUST be done within 30 days of arrival of your dependents into the country, OR within 30 days of the birth of a new baby, or your marriage, OR within 30 days of the beginning of an enrollment period. Insurance is effective upon receipt of your application and payment. If you wish to enroll a dependent, you may pay online at


The fee is billed to your student account in SOLAR. Just like all other tuition & fees, this charge is payable by cash, check, money order, credit card or through financial aid.



Tele-Health and Tele-Counseling

UnitedHealthcare StudentResources and HealthiestYou have partnered together to provide access to doctors and mental healthcare from anywhere you are, even while traveling internationally. All services are free for students covered under the UHCSR insurance plan; services are available for all other students for a fee, as noted in the pdf below.


Your Health Insurance Plan

Sample of your UHC Health Insurance ID CardIf you present this insurance card for use, please note that you will be using the University Student Health Insurance.

Waiving the Student Health Insurance Plan

Waiver Requirements

This is to remind all SUNY students that have physically come back to the USA and to their campus that they must be re-enrolled into the SUNY Student Health Insurance Plan for your own wellbeing and medical protection.  This means if you were physically in the USA for the fall, spring or summer, you must re-establish your health insurance plan by contacting upon your arrival. This is a SUNY system requirement, not an option. (Teaching Assistants, Research Assistants and Grad Assistants that are currently enrolled in the employee benefits insurance can disregard this.)

Any Medicaid plans based outside of NY and the NY state Essential Plan will not be accepted. The following plans will not be accepted:

  • AIG General Insurance Company Ltd.
  • ISO
  • HTH Worldwide
  • International Student Protection (ISP)
  • UnitedHealthcare’s PGH/Student Resources Product
  • ICIS
  • ICIC Lombard
  • Compass
  • International Medical Group (IMG)
  • Seven Corners
  • Global Benefit Group (GBG)
  • GeoBlue
  • Tokio Marine HCC
  • MetroPlus
  • HealthFirst
  • Fallon Community Health Plan (Massachusetts Medicaid)
  • Partners Health Plan (Massachusetts Medicaid)
  • Peach State Health Plan (Georgia Medicaid)
  • Affinity Health
  • Emblem Health with ID numbers of LLNNNNNL or Emblem Health (HIP MA)
  • Humana
  • Medi-Cal (California Medicaid)
  • Populytics- LeHigh Valley Health Systems
  • Healthy Connections – South Carolina Medicaid
  • Gesinger Insurance Plans
  • Health New England
  • Care1st (Arizona- Medicaid)
  • Boston Medical Center Healthnet Plan (Medicaid)
  • Neighborhood Health Plan of Rhode Island (Medicaid)
  • Gateway Health Plan (PA- Medicaid)
  • Wellcare of NY
  • HealthPlus
  • MassHealth (Massachusetts Medicaid)
  • Molina (Medicaid Based Plan)
  • Husky (Connecticut Medicaid)
  • United Healthcare Community Plan (New Jersey)
  • Christian Healthcare Ministries
  • Liberty Health
  • Global Benefit Group
  • Tufts (Rhode Island & Massachusetts Medicaid only)
  • YourCare Health Plan
  • Ambetter
  • Sunlife
  • Emblem Health (only HIP MA) or id# that starts with JNR

Waiver Deadlines

  • Fall Semester - August 23
  • Spring Semester - January 24

If you do not complete a waiver by the deadlines listed above you will be billed for the University student health insurance, and will no longer be able to waive it for the semester.

How to Fill Out a Waiver

Undergraduate International students with domestic health insurance coverage who wish to waive insurance should go to to fill out a waiver.

If you need a waiver because you are studying in your home country for an entire semester, please complete this waiver form by the first day of classes. No waivers will be considered after the deadline.

Denial Appeals Policy

The Student Services office makes the initial determination if a student’s alternative coverage is sufficient to qualify for a waiver. The determination is made on the basis of the information provided in the online waiver; however additional documentation may be requested of the student.

In the event that a waiver is not granted and a student wishes to appeal the decision, they may do so by contacting:

FSA Student Insurance Office
West Side Dining, Second Floor,
(631) 632-6054

The student will be instructed on how to proceed with the appeals process.

Payment of the SUNY Stony Brook Student Health and Counseling Center Fee—Required
The fee covers comprehensive health services for both medical and mental health problems, for students and visiting scholars. It is not a substitute for health insurance. The Student Health Service building is the only location on campus where the mandatory health fee can be used. Medical Services that are beyond the scope of the Student Health Service can be obtained either at University Hospital Medical Center or through other medical providers in the community. However, the Student Health and Counseling Center fee will not cover the cost of any medical services outside the Student Health Service Building. Call (631) 632-6740 for further information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is required to have domestic health insurance coverage?

All full-time students, Medical & Dental students, as well as some part-time students who are enrolled in classes that require health insurance coverage.

How do I pay for the insurance?

The charge is placed on your Solar account with tuition and fees.

How do I get my insurance card?

Your insurance card will be emailed to your stony brook email address, and will come from (United Healthcare Student Resources).

Am I only covered in NY State?

No, the international student insurance coverage is worldwide.

Does the coverage include dental and vision?

Our student health insurance does not include vision. Dental coverage is included up until the age of 18.

Is the HPV Vaccine covered by the Student Health Insurance?

The HPV vaccine coverage age limit, has now been increased to age 45. The benefit ends on the insured’s 46th birthday.

Can I cancel the coverage early?

No. our policy does not allow for early termination.

I am graduating soon. What are my options for health insurance after I graduate?

With graduation approaching, now is the time to start thinking about your health insurance coverage. As a young adult, you have choices: stay on your parent’s health plan, buy your own plan, or get coverage through a new job.

If you decide to get your own insurance, you’ll find lots of choices at NY State of Health. There are many plans at different coverage levels and all plans cover health services such as yearly check-ups, flu shots, emergency services and prescription drugs. You may be surprised how affordable getting coverage can be. Some plans will cost less than your monthly cell phone bill and for some people, depending on income, coverage will be free.

Even if Open Enrollment for the year has ended, you may still be able to enroll in coverage this year if you qualify for free coverage, or if you enroll within 60 days of a Qualifying Life Event. Qualifying Life Events include no longer being eligible to stay on your parent’s health insurance, loss of other health insurance, a permanent move to another part of New York State, getting married or having a child.


Have additional questions or are ready to enroll?

We have lots of trained experts who will guide you step by step in selecting and signing up for a plan that’s right for you. To find an assistor in your community, go or call us at 1-855-355-5777, TTY: 1-800-662-1220.

Watch a short video Health Insurance – It’s What Adults Do at  

Download the Graduation Fact Sheet

I am turning 26, and need to enroll in the Student Health Insurance. Who can I contact?

Please email

I am a Teaching Assistant, Graduate Assistant, or Research Assistant who wants to enroll in employee coverage. How do I do that?

You must confirm with your department that you are eligible to enroll in the employee coverage, and then enroll directly with HR Benefits. You can email them at or call them at (631) 632-6180.

What is a "Notice of Termination Letter"?

This letter would come from your insurance provider, letting you know when your current coverage with them will end.

How do I know if my waiver is applied in SOLAR?

When you look at your account in Solar, please be sure to look at all charges and then credits for each term (you may need to scroll down).The account will look like a credit card statement. One line will be the charge for insurance, and a separate line will be the waiver (appearing as a negative dollar amount).

Contact Us

For questions about benefits, coverage, waiver status, claims or exclusions contact:

United Healthcare Customer Service
Phone: 1-800-767-0700


For questions about insurance charges on your student account contact:

FSA Student Insurance Office
West Side Dining, Second Floor (FSA Suite)
Phone: (631) 632-6054