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Dietitian/Nutrition Services

We want to help you make the best nutrition choices while on campus, as well as develop lifelong healthy eating habits. Whether you have a condition that requires a specific diet, want to lose weight or are simply interested in improving your eating habits, please call 632- 6740 for an appointment.

The Dietitian/Nutritionist at the SHS offers individual nutrition counseling, programming in residence halls and talks for various on campus organizations.

Individual Nutrition Counseling

    •   Initial appointments are typically 45 minutes, and follow up appointments are 15 minutes.
    •   Assessment of health history and current daily food intake.
    •   You will be provided with realistic suggestions to meet your desired needs and goals.


RHDs and/or RAs can request programming to meet residence hall needs. Requests should be 4 weeks in advance from desired program date. Popular topics include:

  •     Eating on campus.
  •     Healthy Eating After College.
  •     Vegetarian Eating.
  •     The Freshman 15
  •     Nutrition Myths: Fact or Fiction
  •     Mindful Eating

Sports Nutrition for Athletes

If coaching and strength training are the 2 most important components to an athlete's performance, then NUTRITION is the third key component to optimizing athletic performance.

Coaches, trainers, or athletes may request a sports nutrition presentation.

What Is a Registered Dietitian?

An R.D. is a health provider specializing in nutrition and food science. We help people optimize their health via food choices and behaviors.

The most common misconception about this profession is that R.D.s eliminate favorite foods from a client's daily diet. This is far from the truth! Actually, most often we are adding foods that are scientifically proven to provide healthful benefits, while minimizing foods that can contribute to weight gain and could increase the risk of chronic disease such as heart disease and cancer.

Education and Professional Training

  •     Completion of a Bachelor of Science in Nutrition.
  •     Training via a dietetic internship program, which provides experience with inpatient nutrition, outpatient nutrition, community nutrition, food service, research,      professional writing and nutrition throughout the life cycle.
  •     Sit and pass a national exam.
  •     Continue to stay abreast of the ever-changing field through approved continuing education credits.
  •     To find out more about the Stony Brook Medicine Dietetic Internship visit:


Where do  Dietitians work?

    •   Hospitals
    •   College settings and education
    •   Health care facilities
    •   Schools and community agencies
    •   Business, journalism, consulting

When seeking nutritional advice, always be sure that you are speaking to a Registered Dietitian

For more information on becoming a Registered Dietitian visit

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