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Patient Rights and Responsibilities

Patient's Rights:

  1. To receive considerate and respectful care at Stony Brook Student Health Center.
  2. To an explanation of the diagnosis, treatment and prognosis in understandable terms.
  3. To receive all necessary information to participate in decisions with regard to your care.
  4. To refuse treatment and be informed of the consequences of making this decision.
  5. To privacy.
  6. To confidential treatment of disclosures & medical records and, except required by law, be afforded the opportunity to approve or refuse their release.
  7. To know the names and titles of people involved in your care and the right to change practitioners.
  8. To a full explanation of any research or experimental procedures proposed for treatment and the opportunity to refuse to participate.
  9. To be informed of possible changes related to your treatment.
  10. To another medical opinion.

 Patient's Responsibilities:

  1. To provide accurate & complete information about your medical history and inform clinician of any changes in your health status that could effect your treatment.
  2. To adhere to a prescribed treatment plan and to dicuss any desired change with your clinician.
  3. To act in a considerate and cooperative manner with the Student Health Center Staff.
  4. To ask questions and seek clarification regarding areas of concern.
  5. To weigh the consequences of non-compliance regarding instructions, recommendations and followup visits.
  6. To assist the clinicians in compiling a complete record by authorizing the Student Health Service to obtain necessary medical information from appropriate sources.
  7. To keep appointments on time.
  8. To cancel appointments only when absolutely necessary and far enough in advance so other patients might utilize that time.

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