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Domestic Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP)

The Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) has been developed especially for Stony Brook students (and their dependents) to provide access to comprehensive care that complements the quality health services on campus.

The details of the plan are reviewed and recommended each year by committee members to ensure that the coverage is well-suited to the needs of the Stony Brook students and respectful of their budgets. SHIP is administered by UnitedHealthcare. The Plans meet all of the student health insurance standards developed by the American College Health Association.

Coverage Overview and Rates:

Currently Enrolled:

Waiving the Student Health Insurance Plan:

FAQs and Contact Information:


Eligibility, Coverage, Rates and Enrollment


All full-time, matriculated domestic Stony Brook students are automatically enrolled onto the student health insurance plan. Students have the option to waive the student health insurance plan if they have comparable coverage that meets the required standards of the University.

Coverage Highlights

Highlights of coverage (8/16/2023 to 8/15/2024 policy): 

  • COVID-19 Vaccine - 100% covered
  • Tele-health and tele-counseling
  • Provides continuous coverage at a reasonable cost for most on or off-campus medical care over Fall/Winter and Spring/Summer Semesters.
  • Covers pre-existing medical conditions, preventative and wellness care, emergency care, mental health and pharmacy
  • Annual deductible is $500 for individual in-network care
  • Annual out of pocket limit $6,850 which includes deductibles, copays and coinsurance
  • Covers inpatient and outpatient mental health care. $20 copay for in network providers. $20 plus 30% coinsurance for out of network providers.
  • Rx copayment: $30 Tier 1 / $50 Tier 2 / $75 Tier 3
  • No deductible applied to prescription drug coverage.
  • $15 copayment on laboratory procedures performed in a PCP office, Specialist office & Performed as Outpatient Hospital Services
  • Office Visits - Primary Care $50 at a participating provider (not subject to plan deductible)
  • Emergency Room vs. Urgent Care: Only Emergency Services for the treatment of an Emergency Condition are covered in an ER.
  • Emergency Room: $100 copay after policy year deductible then you pay 20% coinsurance (copayment/coinsurance waived if hospital admission).
  • Urgent Care: $35 copay after policy year deductible then you pay 0% for cost-sharing.

For more information please visit you will find our Plan Design & Benefits Summary, Master Policy, Participating Doctors, hospitals and pharmacies.

2023-2024 Coverage Brochure

Coverage Rates

2023 - 2024 Annual Fall Spring/Summer Summer 2024
Student $5,278.50 $2,206.59 $3,071.91 $1,326.84
Spouse/Domestic Partner $5,278.50 $2,206.59 $3,071.91 $1,326.84
One Dependent $5,278.50 $2,206.59 $3,071.91 $1,326.84
Two or More Dependents $10,557.00 $4,413.30 $6,144.00 $2,653.76
Spouse and Two or More Children $15,835.50 $6,619.95 $9,215.55 $3,980.64


Coverage Periods

Coverage Period Coverage Start Date Coverage End Date Enrollment/Waiver Deadline
Annual 8/16/2023 8/15/2024 8/23/2023
Fall 8/16/2023 1/15/2024 8/23/2023
Spring/Summer 1/16/2024 8/15/2024 1/24/2024
Summer 5/16/2024 8/15/2024 -


Enrollment Forms

Enrollment for Students:

2023-2024 Enrollment for Students

Enrollment for Dependents:

2023-2024 Enrollment for Dependents*

*Domestic students are able to enroll their dependents in the Student Health Insurance at an additional cost (see Rates and Coverage). This charge would be posted to your SOLAR account. You must first provide appropriate documentation. (A marriage license for a spouse, or birth certificate for a child.)

Please email, a copy of the required documents along with a copy of the completed dependent enrollment form.


The fee is billed to your student account in SOLAR. Just like all other tuition & fees, this charge is payable by cash, check, money order, credit card or through financial aid. Payments are made to the Bursar in the Administration Building or through SOLAR.


Tele-Health and Tele-Counseling

UnitedHealthcare StudentResources and HealthiestYou have partnered together to provide access to doctors and mental healthcare from anywhere you are, even while traveling internationally. All services are free for students covered under the UHCSR insurance plan; services are available for all other students for a fee, as noted in the pdf below.


Your Health Insurance Plan


Sample of your UHC Health Insurance ID CardIf you present this insurance card for use, please note that you will be using the University Student Health Insurance.

Waiving the Student Health Insurance Plan

Waiver Requirements

If you have your own insurance coverage and would like to request a waiver please make sure your coverage meets the following requirements:

  • Your alternate coverage will be active for the entire academic year (or through the completion of your academic program).
  • Your alternate health plan must cover inpatient and outpatient medical care, prescription coverage and mental health care coverage within 75 miles of Stony Brook University, including routine, urgent and emergency care (emergency-only coverage does not satisfy this requirement).
  • Your alternate health plan must be provided by an insurance company based in the United States and that is compliant with the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (short term, limited duration plans do not satisfy this requirement).
  • If you are waiving this plan with a Medicaid Insurance Card, in order for your waiver to be accepted, it must be a Medicaid Plan that was established in NY State and must provide active, in-network coverage. (Out of state Medicaid Plans will not be accepted).

Waiver Deadlines

  • Fall Semester - August 23
  • Spring Semester - January 24

If you do not complete a waiver by the deadlines listed above you will be billed for the University student health insurance, and will no longer be able to waive it for the semester.

How to Fill Out a Waiver

To file a waiver, the student must go to the SOLAR main page, and click on "Campus Financial Services," and then "Required Insurance/Waiver." Waivers will not be accepted after the deadline. All waivers will be verified by our insurance broker (Haylor, Freyer and Coon).

If our broker is unable to verify your insurance information, you will receive an email from requesting additional information. The FSA student services office will also send you an email to let you know your current waiver was denied.

Students living at home and taking all of their classes online should send an email to  to appeal and include their Stony Brook ID number and class schedule showing that they are only enrolled in online courses.

For step-by-step instructions on how to fill out a waiver on SOLAR, download our guide.

Denial Appeals Policy

The Student Services office makes the initial determination if a student’s alternative coverage is sufficient to qualify for a waiver. The determination is made on the basis of the information provided in the online waiver; however additional documentation may be requested of the student.

In the event that a waiver is not granted and a student wishes to appeal the decision, they may do so by contacting:

FSA Student Insurance Office
West Side Dining, Second Floor,
(631) 632-6054

The student will be instructed on how to proceed with the appeals process.

Payment of the SUNY Stony Brook Student Health and Counseling Center Fee—Required
The fee covers comprehensive health services for both medical and mental health problems, for students and visiting scholars. It is not a substitute for health insurance. The Student Health Service building is the only location on campus where the mandatory health fee can be used. Medical Services that are beyond the scope of the Student Health Service can be obtained either at University Hospital Medical Center or through other medical providers in the community. However, the Student Health and Counseling Center fee will not cover the cost of any medical services outside the Student Health Service Building. Call (631) 632-6740 for further information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is required to have domestic health insurance coverage?

All full-time students, Medical & Dental students, as well as some part-time students who are enrolled in classes that require health insurance coverage.

Why is my spring insurance charge more than what I paid for in the fall?

The Spring semester insurance charge is for 7 months of coverage while the Fall coverage is for 5 months.

What are the requirements if I want to enroll in coverage?

If you are turning 26, and will no longer be covered under your parents.

If you have lost your personal coverage, and can provide a “Notice of Termination Letter”.

What is a “Notice of Termination Letter”?

This letter would come from your insurance provider, letting you know when your current coverage with them will end.

How long does the enrollment process take?

The enrollment process usually takes about a week.

Am I only covered in NY State?

Domestic coverage is nationwide, but be sure to choose a doctor in network.

Does the coverage include dental and vision?

Our student health insurance does not include vision.  Dental coverage is included up until the age of 18.

How can I enroll in Dental Coverage?

Dental Insurance is available to anyone that is interested in enrolling through Haylor, Freyer, & Coon, Inc. and Guardian Life Insurance Company. For more information visit

Is the HPV Vaccine covered by the Student Health Insurance?

The HPV vaccine coverage age limit, has now been increased to age 45. The benefit ends on the insured’s 46th birthday.

Can I cancel the coverage early?

No, our policy does not allow for early termination.

I am graduating soon. What are my options for health insurance after I graduate?

With graduation approaching, now is the time to start thinking about your health insurance coverage. As a young adult, you have choices: stay on your parent’s health plan, buy your own plan, or get coverage through a new job.

If you decide to get your own insurance, you’ll find lots of choices at NY State of Health. There are many plans at different coverage levels and all plans cover health services such as yearly check-ups, flu shots, emergency services and prescription drugs. You may be surprised how affordable getting coverage can be. Some plans will cost less than your monthly cell phone bill and for some people, depending on income, coverage will be free.

Even if Open Enrollment for the year has ended, you may still be able to enroll in coverage this year if you qualify for free coverage, or if you enroll within 60 days of a Qualifying Life Event. Qualifying Life Events include no longer being eligible to stay on your parent’s health insurance, loss of other health insurance, a permanent move to another part of New York State, getting married or having a child.


Have additional questions or are ready to enroll?

We have lots of trained experts who will guide you step by step in selecting and signing up for a plan that’s right for you. To find an assistor in your community, go or call us at 1-855-355-5777, TTY: 1-800-662-1220.

Watch a short video Health Insurance – It’s What Adults Do at  

Download the Graduation Fact Sheet

I am turning 26, and need to enroll in the Student Health Insurance. Who can I contact?

Please email

I am a Teaching Assistant, Graduate Assistant, or Research Assistant who wants to enroll in employee coverage. How do I do that?

You must confirm with your department that you are eligible to enroll in the employee coverage, and then enroll directly with HR Benefits. You can email them at or call them at (631) 632-6180.

Contact Us

For questions about benefits, coverage, waiver status, claims or exclusions contact:

United Healthcare Customer Service
Phone: 1-800-767-0700


For questions about insurance charges on your student account contact:

FSA Student Insurance Office
West Side Dining, Second Floor (FSA Suite)
Phone: (631) 632-6054