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 Policies, Guidelines & Forms for Clubs & Orgs.



  • Forms

    Here are some of the forms you'll need to best manage your club/organization.

    Donation Request

    This form is to be used if a recognized student organization is interested in accepting a donation from an external organization. The donation can be monetary, or in goods and/or services. 

    All student organizations should fill out this form PRIOR to accepting a donation, and should wait for approval before accepting any type of donation.

    Donation Request Form

    Driver Eligibility Form

    Stony Brook University requires certain information to be submitted when a student is driving their personal car or a rental car to a University approval activity. University approved can include, but is not limited to, off campus trips and off campus events. One form should be filled out for each driver. 

    The form only needs to be submitted once per academic year unless you are informed otherwise, or if some part of the driver's information has changed

    This form must be filled out by the driver. Forms filled out by anyone other than the actual driver will be denied.

    Driver Eligibility Form

    Food Permit 

    Want to serve some delectable delights? Make sure you have a permit!

    This link will open the Permit as a PDF. Print it out, fill it out, and submit it 10 days prior to your event.

    Food Permit Suffolk County Food Preparation Notice

    Entertainer Reference Form 

    Got an awesome entertainer coming to play the music of the ages? Make sure they get approved by the University!

    This form links to SB Engaged and will require logging in with your NetID and Password

    This MUST be submitted 4 weeks in advance.

    Entertainer Request Form

    Portable Multimedia Kit Request 

    Need some awesome Audio/Visual equipment to take your meeting to the next level? Fill out this form!

    Please note - Portable Multimedia Kits can only be used in SAC 3rd floor rooms and may not be used for weekly meetings

    This form links to SB Engaged and will require logging in with your NetID and Password.

    Portable Multimedia Kit Request Form

    Speaker Reference Form 

    Got a knowledgeable speaker coming to get those brain juices flowing? Make sure they get approved by the University!

    This form links to SB Engaged and will require logging in with your NetID and Password

    This MUST be submitted 8 weeks in advance.

    Speaker Request Form

    E-Board Member Update Form  

    Out with the old and in with the new is always good. Got a new E-board? Make sure we know who's running your club!

    Please note this form is to be used for eboard members that are new mid semester, not during the re-registration periods. To avoid confusion, this form may be disabled at times.

    This form links to SB Engaged and will require logging in with your NetID and Password.

    E-Board Member Update Form

    Faculty/Staff Advisor Update Form 

    Professional assistance is necessary for every club. Got a new Faculty/Staff advisor? Make sure we know who it is!

    Please note, this is for changes made during the academic year, not during the re-registration period, therefore the form may be disabled at certain times of the year

    This form links to SB Engaged and will require logging in with your NetID and Password.

    Faculty/Staff Advisor Update Form

    Tell Us About Your Event 

    Want to brag about the awesome time you had at your event? Make sure to fill out this form!

    This form links to SB Engaged and will require logging in with your NetID and Password.

    Tell Us About Your Event!

    Student Leader Coalition Registration

    The Student Leader Coalition is an effort to bring similar groups together to speak on their club experiences, learn more about the club community as a whole and provide more opportunities for club collaboration.

    Student Leader Coalition Registration

    Wellness Studio Contract Form 

    Only recognized student groups or individuals will be granted permission to use Wellness Studio 128 & 216 in the Campus Recreation Center.  Student groups are expected to comply with the Department of Campus Recreation policies and procedures. Failure to comply with these policies and procedures may result in the revocation of the Wellness Studio for activities and services. 

    Wellness Studio Contract Form

    Event Assessment & Feedback

    This form will be used to collect feedback on student organization events/programs. An Event Assessment and Feedback Form should be completed for every program or event that an organization plans. These events include on campus events, off campus trips, and off campus events.

    Event Assessment & Feedback Form

    Student Catering Guide

    SBU Student Catering Menu

    Please contact the catering office for any  inquiries or questions regarding your catering needs. 

    Main Office : (631) 632-6522
    Susan Prestopino, Catering Director
    Phone: (631) 632-7295
    Cell: (631) 681-5487

    For all other inquiries, please contact the Department of Student Engagement and Activities at 631-632-9392, email us at  or visit our office in the Student Activities Center Room 218.

  • Policies & Procedures

    Community Guidelines for Recognized Student Organizations (i.e. Club Manual)

    The Community Guidelines are a comprehensive guide to understanding all the policies and procedures to effectively run your club/organization. 

    Community Guidelines for Recognized Student Organizations (i.e. Club Manual)

    Conduct Process for Recognized Student Organizations 

    The organizational conduct process articulates the behavioral expectations for registered student organizations, and outlines the steps that are taken during the process. 

    Conduct Process for Recognized Student Organizations 

    Free Speech Website

    As a fundamental piece of our mission, Stony Brook University is committed to free speech and peaceful assembly. To learn more about this important topic, please visit the Free Speech website. For questions about club/organizational activities that fall under this policy, please speak to your program advisor.

    Free Speech Website

     SAC Reservation Manual

    Interested in planning an event in the Student Activities Center? The SAC Reservations Manual will provide your club/organization with necessary information on programming hours, capacity of spaces, audio and visual resources available, and standard large- scale programming space set-ups.

    SAC Reservations Manual

      Student Centers Policies and Procedures 

    Have a space in the Student Activities Center reserved for an upcoming club/organization program? Please familiarize yourself with important policies and procedures that you need to know to make sure your event is compliant with Student Centers and university policies. For questions about Student Centers’ policy during your event planning process, please speak to your program advisor.

    Student Event Security Policies & Diagrams

      Undergraduate Colleges Event Policies

    The Undergraduate College Centers provide opportunities for clubs/organizations to host events in the residential areas. Visit the Undergraduate College website to learn more.

    Undergraduate Colleges Event Policies 

    Campus Recreation Center Policies

    The Campus Recreation and Wellness Center is a hub of activity on campus, and is a great place for programming to take place. Registered student clubs/organizations may also be interested in holding events on the outdoor fields. For more information on these locations, check out the Campus Recreation and Wellness Center policies.

    Campus Recreation Center Policies

    Wang Center Student Organization Usage Rates for 19-20

    The Charles B. Wang Center is a space that student clubs/organizations may use to host an event or program. Student clubs/organizations may be subject to associated fees for hosting events and utilizing resources and technologies in the Wang Center. To learn more about the student club/organization usage rates for the Wang Center, please refer to the link.

    Wang Center Student Organization Usage Rates for 19-20

    Undergraduate Student Government Policies

    The Undergraduate Student Government (USG)  advocates for the undergraduate students at Stony Brook, and works alongside administration and other entities to provide resources for its acknowledged organizations. USG’s policies and procedures go over all information, club/organization funding request processes, and the ability to apply and receive grants through USG.

      Undergraduate Student Government Policies

      Graduate Student Organization Policies

    The Graduate Student Organization (GSO)  advocates for graduate students at Stony Brook and promotes student life on campus. GSO hosts numerous events throughout the year and encourages graduate- affiliated clubs/organizations to host their own programs. Visit the GSO website to learn more about the services and support that they can provide for your graduate club or organization.

    Graduate Student Organization Policies

  • Fraternity & Sorority Resources

    5 Star

    The intent of the Five Star Accreditation Program is to incorporate the ideals of Fraternity & Sorority with the mission of Stony Brook University. This program is used to encourage positive programming by fraternities and sororities while providing the University with information to continue and enhance our support to this community. Points are earned based on involvement as well as meeting basic requirements.

    Fraternity & Sorority Five Star Program Overview

    New Member Education

    Use these documents as your guide to running a successful new member orientation. They outline your responsibilities, address campus policies and provide helpful tips along the way! Within these documents are everything you need to know regarding our process, and information our department requires.

    New Member Program Registration Packet- Spring 2020

    Recognition Guidelines for Registered Fraternities & Sororities  

    (i.e. Relationship Statement)

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