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Funding, Forms, & Policies for Clubs & Orgs.



  • Forms

    Below are some of the forms you'll need to best manage your club/organization.

    Donation Request

    RSO’s interested in soliciting/receiving donations in a single instance, or cumulatively from a donor must complete the “Donation Request” form and await approval prior to accepting donations. This is applicable to all donations, whether monetary, or in goods and/or services. 

    Donation Request Form

    Executive Board Update Forms

    Organization that wish to be and remain recognized must maintain an executive board that meets all University requirements. The executive board update form must be completed by each individual whenever there is a change in leadership. SEA will use this information to complete eligibility checks for all eboard members.

    E-Board Update Form

    Accident/Injury form

    This form must be completed within 24 hours of any accident or injury that takes place during an approved event. This includes on and off campus events.

    Accident/Injury Form

    Driver Eligibility Form

    Stony Brook University requires certain information to be submitted when a student is driving their personal car or a rental car to a University approval activity. University approved can include, but is not limited to, off campus trips and off campus events. One form should be filled out for each driver. 

    The form only needs to be submitted once per academic year unless you are informed otherwise, or if some part of the driver's information has changed

    This form must be filled out by the driver. Forms filled out by anyone other than the actual driver will be denied.

    Student/Staff Driver Eligibility Form

    Coach Driver Eligibility Form

    Food Permit 

    Student organizations wishing to have food at an event must follow all Food Safety Policies as determined by Environmental Health and Safety.  Food permits must be submitted to from Environmental Health & Safety no less than 2 weeks prior. Approved food permits must be uploaded to the respective SBEngaged event no less than one week prior.

    Food Permit

    Home Prepared Food Sign

    Off Campus Speaker/Entertainer/Skills Instructor Request Form

    Student organizations wishing to have a speaker/entertainer/skills instructor from off campus must receive prior approval by completing the “Request Form” found on SBEngaged. All  forms must be submitted no less than 4 weeks in advance of the event date.

    Off Campus Speaker/Entertainer/Service Provider Request Form

    Wellness Studio Contract Form 

    Only recognized student groups or individuals will be granted permission to use Wellness Studio 128 & 216 in the Campus Recreation Center.  Student groups are expected to comply with the Department of Campus Recreation policies and procedures. Failure to comply with these policies and procedures may result in the revocation of the Wellness Studio for activities and services. 

    Wellness Studio Contract Form

    Undergraduate Student Government, & Graduate Student Organization Forms

    For all other inquiries, please contact the Department of Student Engagement and Activities at 631-632-9392, email us at or visit our office in the Stony Brook Union Suite 205.


  • Policies & Procedures

    Community Guidelines for Recognized Student Organizations

    The Community Guidelines are a comprehensive guide to understanding all the policies and procedures to effectively run your club/organization. 

    Community Guidelines for Recognized Student Organizations

    Free Speech, Public Assemblies, Sensitive/Polarizing Topics, and High Profile Speakers

    As a fundamental piece of our mission, Stony Brook University is committed to free speech and peaceful assembly. To learn more about this important topic, please visit the Free Speech website. For questions about club/organizational activities, please consult the guidelines and resources below and speak to your program advisor.

    Event Guidelines for High Profile Speakers; Public Demonstrations, & Protests; & Discussions Involving Sensitive/Polarizing Topics

    Free Speech Website

    Campus Life Centers Policies and Procedures 

    Have a space in the Student Activities Center, Stony Brook Union, Bauman, or deVries Center reserved for an upcoming club/organization program? Please familiarize yourself with important policies and procedures that you need to know to make sure your event is compliant with university policies. The below resources will provide your club/organization with necessary information on building and space specific resources, booking rules, etc. For questions about Campus Life Centers’ policy during your event planning process, please speak to your program advisor.

    Campus Life Centers Policies and Procedures

    Building Information (Spaces, Features, Services)

    Venues for Student Organization Events

    Usage Fees

    Bauman Scheduling Guide

    deVries Scheduling Guide

    SAC Scheduling Guide

    Union Scheduling Guide

    Residential Community Centers Event Policies

    The Residential Community Centers provide opportunities for clubs/organizations to host events in the residential areas. Visit their website to learn more.

    Campus Recreation Center Policies

    The Campus Recreation and Wellness Center is a hub of activity on campus, and is a great place for programming to take place. Clubs/organizations may also be interested in holding events on the outdoor fields. For more information on these locations, check out the Campus Recreation and Wellness Center policies.

    Campus Recreation Center Policies

    Wang Center Student Organization Reservation Polivcies

    The Charles B. Wang Center is a space that student clubs/organizations may use to host an event or program. Student clubs/organizations may be subject to associated fees for hosting events and utilizing resources and technologies in the Wang Center. To learn more about the student club/organization usage rates for the Wang Center, please refer to the link.

    Wang Center Reservations for Student Organizations

    Undergraduate Student Government Policies

    The Undergraduate Student Government (USG)  advocates for the undergraduate students at Stony Brook, and works alongside administration and other entities to provide resources for its acknowledged organizations. USG’s policies and procedures go over all information, club/organization funding request processes, and the ability to apply and receive grants through USG.

    Undergraduate Student Government Forms, Policies, & Resources

     Graduate Student Organization Policies

    The Graduate Student Organization (GSO) advocates for graduate students at Stony Brook and promotes student life on campus. GSO hosts numerous events throughout the year and encourages graduate- affiliated clubs/organizations to host their own programs. Visit the GSO website to learn more about the services and support that they can provide for your graduate club or organization.

    Graduate Student Organization Policies

     Subcommittee Guidelines

    Recognized student organizations are able to have subcommittees that may serve as a branch of their primary organization.

    Subcommittee Guidelines

  • Funding & Banking

    Funding Resources for Undergraduate Organizations

    • Information on Undergraduate Student Government funding policies and procedures, and resources can be found on their website
    • Click HERE  for more information on grants for funded and unfunded undergraduate organizations

    Funding Resources for Graduate Organizations

    • Information on Graduate Student Organization funding policies and procedures, and resources can be found on their website.
    • Click HERE for more information on funding for graduate organization events

    Banking Information for Student Organizations

    Organizations funded by Undergraduate Student Government (USG) are required to utilize USG’s Accounting and Banking services for all of their finances. For External Revenue, this would be done through Agency Accounts in accordance with SUNY Policy. Chapters of national organizations are responsible for following established national guidelines by their governing charters for financial management in off-campus bank accounts. 
    As a general practice, we recommend clubs and organizations do not open private bank accounts on behalf of their club/organization as the account will be associated with an individual rather than an organization. Monies deposited into private bank accounts may be viewed as additional income and may require the individual (who opens the account) to claim funds as income for federal/state tax purposes. It may also impact the individual's ability to be claimed as a "dependant" by a parent/guardian. Monies in these accounts may also affect any financial aid awarded by the University as it is seen as personal monies of the individual associated with the accountUpdating information (from one executive board to another) with private bank accounts can also be challenging at times and can result in not being able to utilize funds.

    Agency accounts can be opened through through the Faculty Student Association  to eliminate the issues above.