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 Fall 2023

New Club/Organization Process


Tune back in soon for a finalized timeline of the Fall 2023 New Club Process



If you’re interested in proposing a new club/organization please consider the following:

  • Is my organization unique (i.e. are there existing clubs/services on campus that serve a similar function?)
        • Before beginning the process you must first consider whether or not the idea for a new club/organization is significantly different from other groups already recognized at Stony Brook.
        • Be sure to browse SB Engaged and review organizations statements of purpose and goals to aid you in your research
        • If you feel your club/organization is not significantly different from other already recognized groups, you should contact the existing organization and find out how you can join/support the mission of the group.
  • Am I prepared to dedicate the time it will take to establish this new organization and set it up for success?
        • The New Club/Organization Process takes a few months to successfully complete. If approved, building a club/organization from the ground up takes time and dedication.
        • Sometimes it may not be the “right” time, therefore make sure your schedule for the upcoming semester allows for the time it will take to start a new group.

If the answers to the above questions are yes then see below for more information on our new club/organization process:


The Department of Student Engagement & Activities reserves the right to deny recognition to a proposed organization if:

      • The statement of purpose is not unique to the proposed organization, and duplicates or closely resembles that of an already existing organization. This also includes but is not limited to organizations with similar goals but differing national and international affiliations, and organizations who may closely resemble or duplicate services offered by Stony Brook University offices or departments.
      • The proposed organization does not meet the requirements for University recognition as outlined in the Community Guidelines for Recognized Student Organizations
      • The proposed organization does not adhere to University requirements, guidelines, and policies. 

*If a proposed organization is unable to meet all requirements due to extenuating circumstances, please notify Gillian Farnan at  Exceptions will be made on a case by case basis.

Resources & Club Cohort Leadership Trainings 

We encourage all proposed organizations to review and utilize the " Club & Org. Resources" section of our website.

As part of the New Club Process, organizations that successfully move onto Step 2 of the process, will be required to participate in and be part of a New Club Cohort where proposed new organizations will go through a series of workshops and work together to understand how to navigate the foundations of club management. 

To support in the process of gaining University recognition for a proposed organization, we will host a variety of workshops and drop-in hours throughout the semester including but not limited to: 



Additionally, please review and familiarize yourself with the Community Guidelines for Recognized Student Organizations to ensure your proposed organization meets all of the requirements for recognition.

Organizations that duplicate or closely resemble other already recognized student organizations may be asked to consider becoming a subcommittee of the recognized student organization, please review the Subcommittee Guidelines for information on the structure and benefits of becoming a subcommittee.


      • Undergraduate organizations who are not currently funded by the Undergraduate Student Government can apply for funding through the Unfunded Organizations Event Grant, or apply for a Probationary Budget. More information on how to apply/qualify can be found here
      • Graduate organizations can apply for funding through the Graduate Student Organization. More information can be found here

Fraternity & Sorority Expansion:

The expansion process for Fraternities and Sororities is different from the new club process. All fraternities and sororities wishing to seek recognition from Stony Brook University may submit a formal letter expressing interest in expanding to

For more information click here