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2023-2024 Club/Organization Re-Registration Information 

To maintain University Recognition, student organizations are required to re-register with the Department of Student Engagement and Activities (hereinafter referred to as “SEA”). Recognition is the formal process by which the University agrees that a club or organization may function on campus, enroll members, and identify with the University. Re-registration allows a process by which appropriate records for all student groups can be maintained. Information requested during the re-registration process includes, but is not limited to, the organization’s constitution, Executive Board members, and Advisor information.
Click here to see the running Recognition Sheet to see the clubs that we have had on campus since Spring 2015.


This process is restricted to groups who are currently active, as well as groups who have been inactive for no more than 2 semesters and are eligible to re-register. Please see this list for groups who are inactive but eligible to re-register. Organizations who are currently Inactive/Eligible to Re-Register must have the primary contact for the organization email to have their organization activated on SB Engaged. Organizations that were approved for recognition in the spring 2023 New Club/Organization Process are required to take part in the re-registration process to maintain recognition for the 23-24 academic year. If interested in starting and registering a new organization please review the requirements and process outlined here

Organizations must have the following to be considered for and maintain campus recognition:

  1. An executive board consisting of minimally a President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. Executive board members who meet the following requirements:
      • Hold only one position on the board unless otherwise approved by SEA in writing
    • Be matriculated, currently enrolled in classes, and working toward a degree
    • Be in appropriate conduct standing with the University. Sanctions of University Probation or higher, or a sanction restricting participation in clubs/organizations or from holding leadership positions disqualify students from serving in an executive board or leadership position.
    • Meet the minimum GPA requirement for the specific organization type they wish to represent (Undergraduate executive board members must maintain at least a 2.25 cumulative GPA. Fraternity/Sorority executive board members must maintain at least a 2.5 cumulative GPA. Graduate executive board members must maintain at least a 3.0 cumulative GPA)
    • If applicable, a faculty/staff member to serve as an advisor to the organization. 
  2. A constitution that follows the model constitution provided by the Department of Student Engagement and Activities, and is aligned with University policy.
    • The approved model constitution can be found here.
      • The statement of purpose outlined in the constitution must be unique, and ensure the organization's purpose and function does not duplicate or closely resemble that of an already existing organization. This includes but is not limited to organizations with similar goals but differing national and international affiliations, and organizations who may closely resemble or duplicate services offered by Stony Brook University offices or departments.
        • The Statement of Purpose should be no longer than a few sentences. By reading this “Statement of Purpose” a person who is unfamiliar with your organization should be able to clearly determine what it is the group does, what it brings to the Stony Brook community, why they might want to be part of the organization, as well as any other information that clearly separates the organization from others on campus.
      • Please Note: SEA has the right to deny recognition of any student organizations whose “Statement of Purpose” duplicates or strongly resembles each other.
  3. A general club email address (i.e. Gmail, etc.)
  4. A re-registration form that includes all required information

For a complete, detailed list of all requirements and policies, please refer to the Community Guidelines for Recognized Student Organizations



  •  If an organization feels there is a valid reason any or all of the above requirements cannot be met, please contact to schedule an appointment. 
  • Registrations are reviewed on a rolling basis, however no registration will be fully approved until SEA can confirm all board members meet both GPA and conduct requirements. As such, no approvals will be given until after Fall 2023 grades are available.
  • Documents will be reviewed for accuracy, inclusion of all required information, as well as basic readability. Remember, these documents should be easily understood by those that are unfamiliar with your group, as they will be included on the organization’s SB Engaged page. 
  • Staff members in SEA will review all submitted documents and provide clear notes for any documents that must be resubmitted. It is in a group’s best interest NOT to wait until the last day to submit your re-registration so there is plenty of time to make any necessary revisions and resubmissions.
  • Please be patient as we thoroughly review all components of each submission. You can contact us via email ( to check on your progress.


Questions? Contact the Department of Student Engagement and Activities.

 Phone: 631-632-9392