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The   Virtual Fall 2020 Involvement Fair  will take place on Friday, August 28th & Friday, September 4th from 2-6pm .  

The Virtual Involvement Fair is meant to be a way for student organizations to answer questions/provide quick information for prospective students.

See below for step by step instructions & FAQ’s.




  1. Receive re-registration approval for the 20-21 Acdemic Year
  2. Sign up for the Virtual Involvement Fair on SBEngaged
  3. Step by Step instructions can be found here !
  4. Create interest meeting/event on SB Engaged
    1. Include RSVP & Online locations
    2. Promote the Virtual Involvement Fair & recruitment on social media



















During the virtual involvement fair, you will be able to see the list of participating organizations, along with the promotional summaries they submitted. 

 If Organizations are available, you can select "Meet Online" to chat with a representative and learn more about the organization. If they are not available virtually, a “Contact” button will appear that will route to the organization’s contact form. For more details & instructions click  here !

Step by Step :

  1. Prior to the fair, log onto SB Engaged using your Stony Brook credentials and view organizations.
    1. You can sort organizations by different types to narrow down what most interests you
  2. Select the organization to view a promotional video, view their contact information, upcoming events, and more!
  3. Learn about the Virtual Involvement Fair, by searching Virtual Involvement Fair on your homepage.
  4. Add to calendar to remind yourself the event is coming up
    1. RSVP to let us know you will be attending
    2. Once the fair is live, you will be able view the fair and all organizations participating
  5. Need help during the event? Simply select  “Visit Help Desk” to get connected with a member of the SEA team.
  6. Browse organizations by filtering by category
  7. Meet online with Organizations in real time to ask questions & learn more about the organization.
  8. If the organization will not be present live during the fair, you can select “contact”, to directly send the organization a message.
  9. Organizations will be hosting virtual interest & general body meetings during the first couple weeks of school, this information will be available on their SB Engaged page.

Stony Brook has over 350+ organizations! We hope this provides you with a way to find which organizations speak to you & help you get involved at Stony Brook. Please don’t hesitate to contact our team at with any questions. 

Not sure where to start?