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clubs & organization categories
Academic/Honor Society
Base their mission and events around academic interests and events. Often affiliated with a departmental, national or international honor society.

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activismSupport a specific cause or proposal; often using noticeable actions to bring about political or social change.

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community awareness/serviceConduct community service outreach, programs or events for local, national or international communities.

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culturalCelebrate and/or educate about a specific cultural community.

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  fraternities & sororities Organizations founded on shared values of academic excellence, service, personal development, leadership, multiculturalism, and brotherhood/sisterhood. These organizations may be single gender or designed for a specific occupation, and are typically affiliated with a national organization.

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graduateMembership is geared toward graduate students and/or the graduate majors.

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leisure activitiesOffer activities that promote relaxation and shared hobbies

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media organizationsOffer participation in many forms of media such as radio, newspaper, magazines, journalism, and online publishing.

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performancePerform on/off campus. Performances can be theatrical, vocal, dance, spoken word, and more.

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religious/spiritualCelebrate and/or educate about a specific religion or spiritual community.

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sports clubsFill the void between intramural sports and intercollegiate athletics. A sport club may be oriented toward competition, instructional, or recreational purposes.

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