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Student Centers Policies and Procedures

The policies & procedures listed below are to be followed in conjunction with all SUNY & Stony Brook University policies.  If you have any questionsIf you have any questions about the following policies, please contact Student Centers at (631) 632-4591, emailing, or visiting us at SB Union 205. 



General Policies


Audio/Visual Support & Policies

Operation of all Student Centers equipment in the Student Activities Center & Stony Brook Union must be coordinated through the Scheduling Office. Requests for all audio visual needs can be made with the Scheduling Office or Program Advisor and should be documented with specification in 25Live.

Student Centers Programming Spaces- An Audio Visual Technician is required for all programming spaces in the Student Centers with the exception of the Union Aud. and Union L03-01.  The Union Auditorium and Union L03-01 (Rehearsal Space) are setup as default A/V services which includes one wired microphone and use of touchpad and built-in room PC.  For events requiring wireless microphone/s, a technician is required.  A Technician is also required for events utilizing the portable sound system (indoors or outdoors).

Student Centers Meeting Rooms- No A/V Techs are required for Meeting Rooms. 

Student Centers A/V Technicians must be scheduled to access the A/V booths for each event requiring audio visual services a minimum of  90 minutes for set-up of equipment. 

Requests for staffing should be made at least one week prior to the event. Requests to change specific A/V components (provided staffing is assigned) will be honored more than two days prior to the event.

Staffing changes within one week or component changes within two days should be sent to the Scheduling office who will make every effort to accommodate reasonable requests. While staff members are only obligated to provide resources specifically requested in 25Live on the day of the event, they are encouraged to provide any reasonable service upon request. 


 Donation Box Policy

Donations must be collected for philanthropies/charities only. Currency CANNOT be collected in the donation boxes. No perishable foods may be collected. All donation boxes must be approved by Student Centers Operations staff. Only one department and/or organization may have a donation/collection box in the Union or the SAC at a time. An organization must request donation/collection box space at least five business days in advance of the proposed display date. Groups/organizations can request space by filling out the Donation/Collection Box Request form located here.

Our full list of donation box policies can be found here.


Event Cancellations

Refer to Student Center’s billing policy: here.


Handicap/Wheelchair Access

 Student Centers have wheelchair access to the main floors of both of our buildings; the Student Activities Center and Stony Brook Union. There are also elevator service to all accessible floors in each building.


Lost & Found

Refer to campus policy: here.


Tobacco Free Policy

Refer to campus policy: here.


Rollerblades, Skateboards & Bicycles

Refer to campus policy: here.


Window Coverings

Interior and exterior windows cannot be permanently or temporarily covered at any time, except for rooms with blinds and shades. The Student Centers staff must be able to view all areas in the room to ensure safety and security of building occupants in the facility.


Public Performances of Music

Non-dramatic musical performances - such as dances and concerts - that are under the College's auspices are covered by blanket licenses obtained by the College from ASCAP, BMI, and SESAC, the three major licensing societies.
Stony Brook University is covered by the ASCAP license held by the State University of New York (SUNY).  Therefore students/faculty/staff may play music (via CDs, Digital Media Players, etc.) during events scheduled in our venues.


Television/Online Streaming

Refer to campus policy:  here.



The use of candles in the Student Centers is strictly regulated. Candles with open flames are only allowed under the following circumstances:

1. Candles must be contained inside glass/nonflammable votive containers. The set-up must be communicated to the Reservations Office in advance of your event and approved by the Fire Marshals Office.

2. Unprotected candles with drip protection are allowed for religious ceremonies, but only if a fire marshal is present.  The set-up must be communicated to the Reservations Office in advance of your event and approved by the Fire Marshals Office Tel: (631) 632-6410.

Request Form



Decorations must be free standing, mounted on easels or included in draping. Decorations may only be attached to walls by using damage free” adhesive products (such as 3M Command products or painter's tape), though event organizers are still responsible for any potential wear or damage. Event organizers are encouraged to speak with their Program Advisor or the Scheduling Office to brainstorm on decoration ideas appropriate for the event.


Fog/Smoke Machines

The use of fog/smoke machines within our facilities is prohibited. These fog effects can damage the smoke detectors and trigger a false fire alarm.


Graffiti & Chalking

Refer to the Code of Student Responsibility: here.


Pet Policy

Refer to campus policy: here.


Campus Lifetime Lobby Table Requests

Every Wednesday from 1-2:30, Campus Lifetime affords Student Groups the ability to book tables in the SAC Lobby. Departments, at a service to our students, can also book during this time as well. Departments will be held to one table at a maximum of twice a month during Campus Lifetime (pending availability). Tables are on a first come first serve basis.