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Student Centers Policies and Procedures 

The policies & procedures listed below are to be followed in conjunction with all SUNY & Stony Brook University policies.  If you have any questions regarding any of our policies, please do not hesitate to contact us for more information. 

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  • Audio/Visual Support & Policies

    Operation of all Department of Facilities Operations equipment in the Student Activities Center must be coordinated through the Facilities Reservations Office. Requests for all audio visual needs can be made with the Reservations Office or Program Advisor and should be documented to great specification in 25Live.

    A Facilities Operations A/V Technician must be scheduled to access the A/V booths for each event requiring audio visual services. Non-Facilities Operations staff are not permitted to operate equipment or A/V booths. 

    Our staff requires a minimum of 1.5 hours for set-up of equipment.   Requests for staffing should be made at least one week prior to the event. Requests to change specific A/V components (provided staffing is assigned) will be honored more than two days prior to the event.   Staffing changes within one week or component changes within two days should be sent to the Associate Director of Facilities Operations who will make every effort to accommodate reasonable requests. While staff members are only obligated to provide resources specifically requested in 25Live on the day of the event, they are encouraged to provide any reasonable service upon request. 

  • Amplified Sound Requests

    All outdoor events at which there will be amplified sound require prior approval. The    Request for Amplified Sound form must be submitted to the Risk Management Coordinator at least two weeks in advance, and the evaluation process will take at least one week. Decisions are dependent on other University Activities taking place during the time of the requested event as well as class schedules.

    The SAC Plaza and Academic Mall are available for amplified sound EXCEPT for when classes are in session. These times vary by semester, so for specific time vectors please contact the Risk Management Coordinator. 

    Requests for amplified sound happening at other locations around campus (Staller steps, recreation fields, residence halls, etc.) will need to be confirmed by building managers or hall directors which may require additional time for processing.

    As always, even if amplified sound is approved, sound must be curtailed immediately if we receive complaints from faculty.

    If you have any questions, please contact the Risk Management Coordinator by calling (631) 632-4591, emailing, or visit the Reservations Office in SAC 220.

  • Event Cancellations

    Student Organizations

    The Events Management Committee reserves the right to postpone reservations of any organization in the process of preparing for an event that has evidenced failure to comply with the policies outlined in the Events Management Timeline.

    Student Meeting Room Cancellations  - Student groups must cancel at least two working days prior to the organization meeting. Two or more no-shows by an organization may result in loss of reservation privileges. The requesting group contact must notify the Office of Student Engagement & Activites by emailing

    Student Programming Space Event Cancellations  - Student groups must cancel at least one week prior to the event. Cancellation of events inside one week may result in an organization being  invoiced to cover staffing and room set-up fees. The fees will be calculated in accordance with posted internal resource rates.   The requesting group contact must notify the Office of       Student Engagement & Activites by emailing Failure of an event organizer to show up at pre-event or at least one hour in advance may result in event cancellation.

    University Departments

    Cancellations may be made at no charge more than 1 week in advance. Cancellations made within 1 week to 3 days prior to the event are subject to a cancellation charge of 50% of the total invoice. No-shows and cancellations made within 2 business days will be charged for all applicable personnel and equipment costs. Two no-shows within a 1-year period will result in loss of future reservation privileges.

    Any requests to cancel a reservation entirely must be received in writing.

    A revised confirmation and invoice will be sent to the event organizer following any cancellation.

    External Organizations

    Cancellations made within 1 week will be charged 50% of Facility Usage fees plus any relevant Staff and equipment charges. No-shows and cancellations within 2 business days will be charged full price.

    Any requests to cancel a reservation entirely must be received in writing.

    A revised confirmation and invoice will be sent to the event organizer following any cancellation.

  • Handicap/Wheelchair Access

    Two entrances location to the Student Activities Center have one door dedicated as motorized wheelchair accessible. Elevators service all four levels of the Student Activities Center.

  • Lost & Found

    The lost and found is located at the Information Desk of the  Student Activities Center. All items found and reports of missing items are to be logged into the Lost and Found book. All lost wallets, purses, passports, credit cards, Student IDs, Licenses, and other large value items are logged in, then immediately reported to University Police. After 30 days, all campus keys are to be mailed to the lock shop. All clothing, books, non-campus keys, etc. can be discarded.

  • Tobacco Free Policy

    Stony Brook University has a vital interest in maintaining a respectful, safe, healthy, and clean community for all students, employees, and visitors. In an effort to embrace such values, the University is committed to providing an environment that is tobacco-free and free from secondhand smoke. For more information, please visit:

  • Rollerblades, Skateboards & Bicycles

    The use of skateboards and roller skates may be a dangerous activity. Users who skateboard and roller skate on campus are considered to have personally accepted the risk of harm and the liability that these activities entail. Skateboards and roller skates are permitted on University property only when used for transportation purposes by students and staff. The recreational use of skateboards and roller skates which damages property is prohibited.

  • Window Coverings

    Interior and exterior windows cannot be permanently or temporarily covered at any time, except for rooms with blinds and shades. The Operations staff must be able to view all areas in the room to ensure safety and security of building occupants in the facility.

  • Public Performances of Music

    Non-dramatic musical performances - such as dances and concerts - that are under the College's auspices are covered by blanket licenses obtained by the College from ASCAP, BMI, and SESAC, the three major licensing societies.

    Stony Brook University is covered by the ASCAP license held by the State University of New York (SUNY).    Therefore students/faculty/staff may play music (via CDs, Digital Media Players, etc.) during events scheduled in our venues.

  • Television/Online Streaming

    Students/Faculty/Staff may show television or online streams for events held within our designated spaces (i.e. SAC Auditorium). The Filming or recording of television signals and online streams is a violation of broadcasting rights, and therefore will not be permitted. There must never be a charge to view public online or television broadcasts, this too is unlawful.

  • Candles

    The use of candles in the Student Activities Center is strictly regulated. Candles with open flames are only allowed under the following circumstances:

    1. Candles must be contained inside glass/nonflammable votive containers. The set-up must be communicated to the Reservations Office in advance of your event and approved by the Fire Marshals Office.

    2. Unprotected candles with drip protection are allowed for religious ceremonies, but only if a fire marshal is present.    The set-up must be communicated to the Reservations Office in advance of your event and approved by the Fire Marshals Office.

  • Decorations

    Decorations cannot be taped, glued, puttied, stapled to painted surfaces, brick, stages, floors, glass, walls, trees, or furniture. Decorations can be free standing, mounted on an easel or pipe, and may include draping.  Decorations can be fixed to walls using “damage free” adhesive products (such as 3M Command products), though event organizers are still responsible for any potential wear or damage.   The use of non-stick blue putty or tape is not permitted due to the stain left behind and damage to brick and wall surfaces. Gaffers tape is only to be used by the audio and visual department to secure audio and visual equipment. Event organizers are encouraged to speak with their Event Services scheduler or Program Advisor to brainstorm on decoration ideas appropriate for the event.

  • Fog/Smoke Machines

    The use of fog/smoke machines within our facilities is prohibited. These fog effects can delude the smoke detectors and trigger a false fire alarm.

  • Graffiti & Chalking

    No student or staff member shall take, possess, damage, or deface (with graffiti, graffiti instruments, or otherwise) any property that is not his or her own on the University campus. This includes, but is not limited to, university furniture, computer equipment, sidewalks, access control systems or facilities. Any costs to repair, replace, or restore University property to its original condition will be assessed to individuals and/or groups responsible for damaging, or defacing such property.

  • Pet Policy

    Pets, with the exception of aides, are not permitted.

  •   Campus Lifetime  Lobby Table Requests

    Every Wednesday from 1-2:30, Campus Lifetime affords Student Groups the ability to book tables in the SAC Lobby. Departments, at a service to our students, can also book during this time as well. Departments will be held to one table at a maximum of twice a month during Campus Lifetime (pending availability). Tables are on a first come first serve basis.