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Our Vision

Campus Life Centers is a place where Seawolves engage and memories are made.


The department of Campus Life Centers manages the hubs of campus life: Student Activities Center, Stony Brook Union, Bauman Center, deVries Center and the Commuter Pit Stop.

The mission of the Campus Life Centers is to provide a welcoming environment and sense of belonging for the Stony Brook University community and visitors. This is accomplished through support of programming, activities and event services which foster personal and social development, collaboration, and innovation outside of the classroom. Our Values

Each member of the Campus Life Centers team strives for...

Equity and Inclusion

We champion  equity and inclusion in our workforce, facilities, and programs. 

Student Success

We commit to the success of our students in the classroom and beyond.

A Place to Belong

We believe the strongest centers create a welcoming space for all who enter our doors, so we have a duty to care for, lift up, and support each other. 

Our Goals

        • To provide a memorable experience in our spaces through event services and technology-enabled spaces
        • To promote sense of student belonging and a vibrant campus life experience by way of our physical spaces
        • To support student-centered learning environments beyond the classroom by encouraging collaboration, innovation and social development
        • To encourage the development of transferable skills by supporting student employment and internship opportunities