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About Us  


Our Vision

All guests will love doing business with the Student Centers.


Student Centers provides access to our two prominent student hubs; the Student Activites Center and The Stony Brook Union.

Student Centers  present opportunities for learning and socializing which foster a red hot school spirit. Our energetic staff creates a student-centric, nurturing, safe environment which serves as a vibrant nexus for our campus community. It is our pleasure to welcome everyone to enjoy our facilities.

Departmental Goals

  •     Support learning and development in and out of the classroom.
  •     Provide a stewardship between Stony Brook University and our future graduates.
  •     Nurture professional growth and development of all employees.
  •     Foster a safe, vibrant, and inclusive community that promotes and celebrates diversity, inclusivity, and respect.
  •     Blend each of our separate business functions (reservations, operations, purchasing) into a transparent, seamless, & service-driven enterprise.
  •     Leverage new technologies and IT solutions to streamline student center operation.

Divisional Goals

  •    Provide the campus community with two student centers that proudly serve as the cultural hub that foster a red hot school spirit.
  •    Ensure student employees develop lifelong-transferable skills as a parallel to their job performance.
  •    Establish student center facilities as a key contributor to the development and success of our student body.
  •    Create a reputation of excellence for the department and our facilities.
  •    Utilize technology to advance sustainability initiatives maintain environments that exceed safety requirements.