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Charlie Beier - Chancellor's Award Winner!


The SUNY Chancellor’s Awards for Excellence honor the individuals dedicated to the advancement of their university and the community it serves. The five categories, Faculty Service, Librarianship, Professional Service, Scholarship and Creative Activities, and Teaching, recognize the vast skill set of our outstanding faculty and staff, and those who exceed expectations in their field. The Award for Excellence in Professional Service is bestowed upon the candidates who not only fulfil the requirements of their position, but succeed in the quest to go far beyond their professional obligations. This includes an inventive outlook on leadership, decision-making, and problem-solving, with an ability to remain flexible and adapt to the needs of the university. 

In the search to identify these distinguished members of our community, the selection process is thorough and competitive. Candidates are nominated by a local committee on their campus, and their nomination portfolio is extensively evaluated by System Administration. Of the candidates recognized for their Excellence in Professional Service in the 2020-2021 academic year, Charles Beier is one of only nine recipients at Stony Brook University. He has been an invaluable member of Student Centers for over 20 years, and we would like to congratulate him on his achievement and express our gratitude for the effort he puts into his work each day. Charles has set a great example for the members of our university, and continues to surpass expectations with both warmth and appreciation toward the community he serves.


Major Audio Visual Upgrades!


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 Recently, Student Centers implemented novel updates to our renowned Sidney Gelder Auditorium and   Ballroom spaces. These remarkable efforts established state of the art audio-visual systems in our large   programming spaces. The Auditorium received a full digital audio and video renovation with upgraded   equipment and software systems. This includes Touch Screen HD Video Control, a 64 Channel Digital Mixing Board, Reinforced Speakers, Digital Equalization, and wireless video and audio projection. These renovations allow for simple streaming, versatile adaptations, and an enhanced listening experience. 

Student Centers also implemented supplementary audio visual upgrades in our Ballrooms. This includes Touch Screen HD Video Control, wireless video and audio projection, and a brand new moveable stage with flexibility for multiple set-up options.

Our goal is to ensure the success of events and the delivery of excellent services. With these renovations, we hope to amplify the technological quality of current and future events. We formally invite you to try it out at your next event at our Student Centers!




Student Affairs Distinguished Service Award Winners

 Hedieh Yazdanseta, our esteemed Associate Director of Events and Initiatives, received the Distinguished Service Award for Outstanding  Service for establishing professionalism, creating unity, and reevaluating inefficiencies in the Student Centers Reservation office. Hedieh   notably encouraged positive gestures on a Team Board in the office, allowing employees to leave uplifting notes for each other. By fostering   appreciation and lifting spirits, Hedieh serves as wonderful and caring supervisor. She strives for high standards and professionalism with   clients and has worked to eliminate inefficiencies in payroll and reservations systems. Congratulations Hedieh!  1  Stefano Caruso, who serves as one of our exceptional Facilities Managers, received the Distinguished Service Award for Student   Development  for expanding transferable skills for students, creating training opportunities, and nurturing the Student Centers employees.   Stefano consistently displays leadership qualities and serves as a model when focusing on details. By providing training materials and   onboarding programs, he has established a work environment that encourages access, direction, and mentoring opportunities. Stefano’s   excellence truly puts the “team” in teamwork and fosters a work environment that also serves as a family. Congratulations Stefano!





 Welcome Russell C. Patterson!

Russell Patterson

 Russell C. Patterson , an alum of Stony Brook University, rejoins Seawolf Country as our Assistant Director of Facilities and Events. Russell comes to us with over a decade of SUNY  experience, most recently at the University at Albany where he served as the Assistant Director of Operations and helped open 76,000 square feet of new construction for their  Campus Center, a facility that remained open during its multi-year renovation. His  experiences are a perfect match for SBU as we prepare to welcome the return of our newly   renovated Stony Brook Union. Russell holds a Master of Arts in Higher Education   Administration from SBU, and two degrees from Farmingdale State College: a Bachelor of   Science in Professional Communications and an Associate of Arts in Liberal Arts. 

Russell will supervise our team of full-time facilities managers, graduate facilities managers,  and an undergraduate workforce of event production staff. He will be located behind the SAC  Information Desk, Room 110, and can be reached at 631.632.4152. His arrival on 9/5/2019  culminates the hard work of a stellar search committee led by Manny Cortes, who was joined  by Christine Quinn, Thomas St. John, and Priscilla Castellano.





 Welcome Matthew DeCarlo!


Matthew DeCarlo has been working at the Wang Center for the past two years in Reservations and Events Management and has previous experience with building management, event production and reservations. He will supervise undergraduate/graduate Event Managers and support the Events Management Committee (EMC) which provides risk management for student events at the university. Matthew earned his B.A. in Mathematical Sciences and his M.A in Teaching from Binghamton University and is currently working on his second M.A. in Higher Education Administration at SBU.

Matthew will be located in the Reservations Office, Room 220, and can be reached at 631.632.4591.







Welcome Aneil Persaud!


Aneil Persaud has extensive experience in the department, supporting event reservations and planning, billing, accounts recievable, revenue generation and technological support services. He is well situated to continue to provde similar support in a full time capacity and will oversee training and management of 25Live and manage departmental communications and marketing efforts. Aneil earned his B.S. in Business Management with a Specialization in Accounting and is currently studying for his MBA.

 Aneil will be located in the Reservations Office and can be reached at 631.632.4591. 







Come Meet Charlie & Give Us Your Feedback!



Meet Charlie, the Student Centers Assessment Intern. A part of Charlie’s project this semester is to collect and analyze data from a voluntary survey administered in the Student Activities Center. The goal of the survey is to assess when and why visitors come to the SAC, and during their stay what did they think? The survey asks visitors to rate a variety of different services provided in the building, as well as provide some basic demographics. Survey participants are any and all SAC visitors, students, faculty/staff and guests.

Charlie is a senior here at Stony Brook University studying Computer Science and aspires to one day be a Data Analyst. In his current role, he is using Jupiter Notebook to create a portfolio of his work thus far. Charlie conducts his survey four times a week in the SAC at various different times, and uses his other time in the office to analyze the survey results.

Looking to provide feedback or comments on the SAC? Come find Charlie in the Main Lobby and complete our survey!




Congratulations Michael Boerner!

Michael has been awarded for his implementation of the SELO program within the Student Centers department at the Outstanding Student Affairs Program Awards for 2018. His program, Developing  and  Assessing  Student  Employee  Learning  Outcomes  (SELO)  for  Student  Event  Center  Staff, was chosen in the Administrative,  Assessment,  Information  Technology,  Fundraising,  Professional  Development,  and  related category.

The SELO program was described to have “clearly made a very positive impact on students and their development and has improved the quality of the student experience on your campus.”

Michael will be presented with his award at the Albany Hilton during the CSPA-NYS Conference Luncheon on October 15 th, 2018.

Congratulations Michael for your success and dedication to making this program such an impact.

Michael currently serves at the Risk Management Coordinator in the SAC Reservations Office.


Blood Drive Award Winners

Congratulations to Stony Brook University and our Facilities Staff on being awarded the  New York State Blood Center Certificate of Appreciation . Our staff has been recongized for their ongoing support and effort in making the blood drives possible.



Congratulations to all of our Winners!

The Srudent Centers team has had a very successful and exciting 2018 so far! We would like to congratulate and recognize some members of our staff for being awarded and nominated for several awards this semester.

Division of Student Affairs Convocation Award Recipients

Michael Boerner
Michael Ingenito

Student Employee and Supervisor of the Year Award Recipients

Student Staff Member of the Year,  1st Place 
AND   G raduate  Student Staff Member of the  Northeast Region
Ingy Ghobashy,  Graduate Student Office Manager 

Supervisor of the Year
Howard Gunston ,   Director of SAC Facilities 

Distinction of Excellence
Carolyn Snyder,   Graduate Events Management Specialist 

Distinction of Excellence
Rafael Fernandez,   SAC Events Manager

D istinction of Excellence Nominees
Mariama Diallo, SAC Lead Reservations Assistant
Desiree Saad, SAC Events Manager


New Online Reservations Portal

The Student Centers Reservations Office is very excited to announce that we will be launching the 25Live online   portal  on   January 16, 2018. Starting on this date, we will no longer accept reservations through the online form on our website. All requests must be submitted through 25Live.

If you do not have a 25Live account, and/or need 25Live training, please complete the 25Live Training/Access Form.

If you have any questions regarding 25Live or your reservation requests, please contact the Student Centers Reservations office.


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