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Vibes After Five: Finals Week

By Sayma Tasnim

Published 4/22/2021


Are you looking for a relaxing location on campus to study for your exams? The best way to focus on your class materials is to surround yourself in a positive environment with good company! Come join the Student Centers during finals week to enjoy a comfortable place to prepare for your upcoming exams. The Student Centers will be playing soothing music in the evening for students to destress with friends before the end of the semester. This opportunity allows students to take advantage of their campus resources and finish off the school year strong!

Time: May 5th-May 19th, 5PM-Closing

Locations: Union Cola Lounge & SAC UCC Lounge

25Live Scheduling Training Series

By Sayma Tasnim

Published 4/8/2021


At the Student Centers, we use an online scheduling software called 25Live. Student groups and departments under Stony Brook University are expected to use 25Live to request spaces and resources for their events at the Student Activities Center and Stony Brook Union. Due to the impact of Covid-19, most events were cancelled and spaces were limited for social distancing regulations for the past year. Now that events are slowly getting back on track, more individuals are looking to host events. In order to help departments understand how to book spaces for meetings and events, our Event Services and Technology Coordinator, Aneil Persaud, is hosting a 25Live Scheduling Training Series through Zoom. 

These training sessions will take place once a month and are open to anyone interested in learning more about our scheduling system. Student groups book events through a program advisor in Student Engagement and Activities but are still encouraged to learn the online software on their own. With these trainings, Aneil wants to highlight important details on the scheduling system such as the difference between pre-event and setup time so that anyone trying to book an event through 25Live can feel comfortable and confident in doing so. 

Check out SB Engaged for future dates and time slots! 

Live Music at the Union!

By Aneil Persaud

Published 3/26/2021

Student Centers is proud to welcome Live Music in our COLA Lounge! In accordance with Vibes after Five, we are extending our music presence to incorporate live performances! This week we will host our very own DJ Mikrowave on March 24th at 1:00PM! DJ Mikrowave is our esteemed Audio Visual Coordinator and we are looking forward to an electrifying performance. On March 25th, we are collaborating with Community Music Programs to bring you a live string performance featuring our very own music students! Come listen to a support our students as they play classical masterpieces including Beethoven's String Quartet in E-Flat Major and Bela Bartok Sonatas! 

MK String

ACUI: Re-imagining Student Employment in Response to COVID-19 presented by Matthew and Samuel

By Sayma Tasnim

Published 3/18/2021

Our Risk Management and Assessment Coordinator, Matthew DeCarlo, and Facilities Manager, Samuel Sowah, had an exciting opportunity to present at the 2021 ACUI Virtual Conference! The Association of College Unions International (ACUI) helps colleges and universities all over the country network and communicate with each other which is especially helpful during this time to aid in professional growth and development of our unions. Matthew and Samuel prepared an informative presentation: Reimagining Student Employment in Response to Covid-19. 


During the conference session, Matthew and Samuel spoke on how the virus brought upon many inevitable changes within our department over the past year and emphasized how we adapted around this difficult time to still reach out and provide for students on campus. Colleges that may have undergone similar experiences to Stony Brook University had the chance to listen and learn about our remodel for student employment and how our previous structure shifted to accommodate new safety guidelines as well as projected the vision for the new future. These adjustments were difficult to plan for but student life is an important part of our campus where growth and learning is constantly taking place. Thank you Matthew and Samuel for your wonderful presentation!

A/V  Trainings with Mike

By Sayma Tasnim

Published 3/10/2021


Are you interested in learning how to use the Student Centers new and advanced audio visual equipment without requiring additional assistance from staff? Many of our event spaces offer resources for A/V accommodations that are available for students and staff to utilize. Whether for an event you’re organizing or to brush up on your personal skills, come join our Audio Visual Services Coordinator, Michael Ingenito, for an A/V Training to get comfortable with and to avoid mishandling this amazing technology! 

Michael looks forward to introducing the Crestron Touch Pads during these sessions which controls most of the A/V systems functions and abilities. Users will also be trained in how to troubleshoot when connecting laptops to HDMI along with many other related tasks. Throughout the semester, these live trainings will take place online with multiple camera angles and will be recorded to view later on.    

Make sure to stay updated with SB Engaged for dates and time slots that work for you!


Vibes after Five!

By Sayma Tasnim

Published 2/25/2021


Vibes After Five gives students the opportunity to engage with their community in a safe environment on campus. The Student Centers wants you to feel welcome in these buildings so anyone passing by is encouraged to study, socialize and enjoy music with one another while also maintaining a social distance. Every week, the Student Centers will arrange a chosen theme that will showcase different types of music to liven up and bring warmth to these spaces on campus. Students will be prompted to give feedback on what they would like to listen to whether it be student performances or a live production from our very own music department. Keep an eye on our SCALA screens for music choices and guest appearances! 

Come stop by with your friends to enjoy good music and have a great time together!

Time : Wednesday-Saturday, 5PM-Closing

Locations : Union Cola Lounge & SAC UCC Lounge



ACUI Virtual Conference Spotlight!

By Sayma Tasnim

Published 12/7/2020

Howard Gunston presented at the ACUI virtual conference on November 12th, 2020 about The Quest for Consistency in a Socially-Distanced Event Center! ACUI is the professional home to thousands of campus community builders around the world. Primarily focused on the work of those within the college unions and student activities field, the Association strives to provide an inclusive, welcoming community for all those who choose to belong.

The decreased engagement on campus has made it difficult to plan and manage Covid-19 friendly events causing many unprepared outcomes. Howard discussed the appropriate response to the pandemic and how to combat issues concerning rules and regulations for events while also keeping students safe on campus. He addressed the importance of staying consistent for the time being while the future is still unpredictable.

This is the 3rd year in a row that Howard has presented at ACUI, presenting in March of 2019 and October of 2018!



COVID-19 Pool Testing!

Stony Brook University is holding Covid-19 testing in SAC Ballroom A for students and employees. Free testing is currently open on campus. Pooled saliva tests minimize contact and insure efficiency. Making an appointment is done through an online form, however we welcome walk in inquiries with photo ID and a mask. Test results are administered within a few days and positive results are given immediately.

  Testing Dates and Times



Major Audio Visual Upgrades! 

0 o o

 Recently, we sat down with our A/V Coordinator, Michael Ingenito to give us his insight about the novel updates to our renowned Sidney Gelder Auditorium,  Ballroom spaces and Union meeting rooms. These remarkable efforts established state of the art audio-visual systems in our large   programming spaces. The Auditorium received a full digital audio and video renovation with upgraded   equipment and software systems. This includes Touch Screen HD Video Control, a 64 Channel Digital Mixing Board, Reinforced Speakers, Digital Equalization, and wireless video and audio projection. These renovations allow for simple streaming, versatile adaptations, and an enhanced listening experience. 

Our goal is to ensure the success of events and the delivery of excellent services. With these renovations, we hope to amplify the technological quality of current and future events. Please familiarize yourself with our tutorial videos !

Student Centers A/V Tutorial Videos 


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