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Tentative Agenda
A&S Senate
February 18, 2013
Javits Room, Library

I.          Approval of agenda
II.         Approval of minutes from November 18, 2012
III.        President’s Report (T. Sears)
IV.        Report from the Chief Information Officer (C. Powell)
V.         Report from A&S Dean (N. Squires)
VI.        Update on General Education Curriculum Changes (S. Sutherland and G. Hammond)
VII.       Update on Provost’s Task Force on MOOCs (E. Mendieta and W. Tang)
VIII.      Proposed Changes to Rules for Library Promotion and Tenure Review (A. Mayr)
IX.        Report from the Academic Judiciary Committee (P. Bremer)
X.         Old Business
XI.        New Business


A&S Senate
February 18, 2013

I.  Approval of agenda:  approved.

II.  Approval of minutes from November 19, 2012:  approved.

III.  President’s Report (T. Sears)

  • The University Senate approved the broad outlines of the revised Gen Ed Curriculum committee report at its December meeting.  They asked for some revisions regarding the inclusion of a Technology requirement, deferred decisions on the minimum grade requirements, and revisions to permit the new curriculum to mesh with the HSC.   The revised Gen Ed Report is on the Provost’s website.
  • Twelve nominations have been received for the Provost’s Outstanding Lecturers for 2013.  These were all from the College of Arts and Sciences.
  • Initial one-page letters of intent have been submitted for Cluster Hires.

IV.  Report for DoIT (C. Powell)

  • DoIT staff services general purpose classrooms or shared classrooms on campus.
  • Staff tried to get into classrooms to replace critical infrastructure like projectors every three to five years.
  • Overall, not satisfied with the conditions of classrooms.  Way too many rooms with no technology or poor outdated technology.
  • Please send your feedback with tech problems in classrooms (no Wi-Fi, etc).

V.  Report from CAS Dean (N. Squires)

  • Nominations for the 2013 Outstanding Lecturers were submitted to the Provost’s Office on January 18th with 12 nominations all from CAS.  Progress is being made on term limits.
  • Exam room scheduling is done by the Registrar’s office. 
  • There are websites (see written report) to go to if you have issues or problems with classroom infrastructure.
  • Round two of Cluster Hires:  Call for proposals came out this past December.  Letters of intent were due on January 18th with the full proposals due April 5, 2013. 
  • Setting up two committees.  One for reviewer and one for strategic planning.

VI.  Update on Gen Ed (S. Sutherland)

  • Structure of Gen Ed has evolved a little bit since December.
  • Instead of nine, students must now show proficiency in ten fundamental areas of learning.
  • Engineering students get a pass on the language other then English requirement.
  • Understand Technology requirement is new. 
  • Slight variation in structure. 
  • Certification Committee needs to be formed.  Suggested that we augment the A&S Curriculum Committee with 3 Engineering and Business faculty, 1 Librarian and 1 or two faculty from the HSC.  This would be a new committee.  This would not be the A&S Curriculum Committee but rather the University Curriculum Certification Committee.  The new committee would be constituted by the membership of the A&S Curriculum Committee plus other representatives.  It would report to the University Senate.  It would be an Ad Hoc committee to start with.
  • Two outstanding issues are a few waivers or modifications need to be made to deal with Stony Brook Medicine and the grade C.  Current recommendation is that all courses be passed with a grade of C or better.

Motion was made to vote on minimum grade of C or better:  12 in favor, 1 opposed.

VII.  MOOCS (E. Mendieta and W. Tang)

  • Target date for report on MOOCs is February 28.
  • The task force has two town hall meetings, with one on the east campus and one on the west campus.
  • The website for learning about MOOCs is on the Provost’s website.

VIII.  Proposed Changes to Rules for Library Promotion and Tenure Review (A. Mayr)

  • This is the first reading and discussion per the A&S Constitution.
  • The University transferred the Library Promotion and Tenure Committee to the A&S Promotion and Tenure Committee.
  • The Melville Library and the HSC Library have been consolidated.
  • The candidates will be judged according to their demonstrated performance in six criteria.
  • The document is similar to the School of Journalism guidelines.

IX.  Academic Judiciary Report (P. Bremer)

  • Freshmen least likely to get accused. 
  • If a student is found guilty, they have to take the Q Course.
  • Internet plagiarism accounts for most offenses.
  • There were 140 reported accusations in the Fall of 2012.

X.  Old business:  no old business.

XI.  New business:  no new business.

Meeting adjourned at 5:15.

Submitted by:

Laurie Theobalt


President's Report 2-18-13
Proposed Changes Library Promotion Tenure
Academic Judiciary Report