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Promotion and Tenure Guidelines Revision Announcement
November 13, 2020

On Monday, November 9th, the Arts & Sciences Senate approved the changes proposed by the Promotion & Tenure Committees' at the A&S Senate meeting in October.  The revised language updates the language of section 8.2 Sample letter of solicitation for promotion and/or continuing appointment cab be viewed here.

The revised language provides reviewers with an understanding of SUNY's COVID-19 Clock Stop, circumstances around potential extensions as well as highlighting the general impact of COVID-19 on research and scholarship.  This revised language (the result of a joint administrative and faculty collaboration) will benefit our outstanding colleagues across all the affiliated Arts & Sciences Senate schools and divisions; introduction into practice is expected to begin for packages being developed for fall 2021 submissions.

Information on this, and the Arts & Sciences Senate's activities maybe located by visiting our website's Standing Committee webpages.