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Arts and Sciences Senate
September 21, 2009


Aimee De Chambeau introduced herself as the new A&S Senate President.

I.  Approval of Agenda:  approved.

II.  Approval of minutes from April 20, 2009:  approved.

III.  CAS Deans Report (N. Squires)

  • Dr. Squires is the interim Dean for the CAS. 
  • Dr. Squires suggested that instead of giving the usual report, she would like to take the opportunity at the A&S Senate meetings to find out what kinds of issues this body wants to hear about.
  • Encouraged everyone to please contact her with any concerns.
  • Dr. Kerber suggested budget updates at every meeting. 
  • Dr. Squires is a member of the University Council whose membership includes the Deans, VP’s, etc.  They meet every other week.

IV.  PTC Report (G. Matthews)

  • The Committee met regularly during 2008-2009 academic year.
  • The philosophy and process of PTC was discussed (see written PTC Report)
  • From 9/08-9/09 the PTC acted on 32 cases. 
  • PTC continues to consider the move to the use of electronic dossiers.
  • Since spring 2006 the PTC has been discussing whether Library files could be evaluated through the A&S PTC.  In October 2008, the librarians voted to stay with their own PTC.  The A&S PTC will not act on Library files.

There was a motion to accept the PTC Report:  All in favor.  PTC Report accepted.

V.  President’s Report (A. De Chambeau)

  • A&S Executive Committee has met once so far.
  • There are several A&S Committee vacancies. 
  • We still need a President–elect.  If you have any recommendations, please ask the person first and then send the A&S EC their name for consideration.
  • Each Dean from the different A&S Constituencies will give a report.
  • Kane Gillespie asked if there is a published schedule by which each of the Standing Committee reports to this body.  Aimee will get such schedule published.
  • Will have Brent Lindquist report a future A&S Senate meeting to present on Songdo.
  • We should form a committee to gather questions for the new President related to the Korean Campus.
  • There was a suggestion that we should get questions together and present them right away since there is some urgency in this project.
  • Dr. Gootenberg proposed that we convey out concerns directly to the new President.  Perhaps form an Ad Hoc Committee to form questions for the President.
  • Dr. Kuchner suggested that we pull representatives from each standing committee that have the history so that you have people who can address these individual concerns.
  • We should contact the other “core” universities to see if they have had problems or if indeed their faculty have been informed about Songdo. 
  • Speak to Provost first about consultation on this project.  Perhaps a letter from the two Senate Presidents.
  • Senate body agreed on having an expanded Coordinating Council plus any other interested parties to field questions from faculty.

VI.  Old business:  no old business.

VII.  New business:  no new business.

Meeting adjourned at 4:25 p.m.

Respectfully submitted by:

Laurie Theobalt