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A&S Senate 
March 19, 2012

I.  Approval of agenda:  approved.

II.  Approval of minutes from February 20, 2012:  approved.

III.  A&S Resolution on Library Promotion and Tenure Cases (E. Mendieta)

  • Dr. Ned Landsman, Chair of the Promotion and Tenure Committee, did not agree with this resolution at the A&S Executive Committee meeting.  This was the basic sentiment of the Committee who feel they are not prepared to take on this particular task, largely because they do not know the culture of Promotion and tenure in the Library.  There are two different sets of guidelines between the East campus Library and the Main Library.  Perfectly willing to be part of the solution but doesn’t think that turning it over to the PTC when they have never dealt with Library cases doesn’t make much sense.  Would like to suggest an interim ad-hoc committee which would include Librarians and PTC committee members.  Would like to suggest that we find an interim solution that will allow the PTC to discover if they are in fact capable of handing the library cases.  Putting together an Ad Hoc committee composed of some members of the PTC with two elected librarians to judge the library committee is an option.  This would allow PTC members to absorb information about the culture of Library promotion and see if the PTC is ready to transit from that to a more permanent solution housing it in PTC or perhaps housing it in some other kind of committee.
  • Hugh Silverman pointed out that these resolutions have to do with changing the Constitution.   Should these resolutions take place it requires three separate meetings of the A&S Senate to actualize these resolutions.  Ruth Ben-Zvi believes that we need some temporary work on it and once that is done then make a constitutional change and then there would be committee.
  • It was pointed out that there are only three library promotion cases being dealt with now by the Library PTC.  At the end of the semester there will be no pending cases and no word on any coming up in the next year
  • The FRRP Committee began to review the situation with a librarian to go over the two sets of guidelines to see how these can conform to the existing PTC guidelines.  Suggest members of the PTC sit on meetings of the Library PTC.
  • Eduardo Mendieta wanted to know if the body wanted to move on the resolution knowing there will be a constitutional change.  Norm Goodman suggested both can be done using this resolution with allowing the guidelines to be developed and this being the first reading of the potential constitutional change.
  • Eduardo Mendieta summarized that the reading of this resolution is the first reading of the constitutional change that will then specify that the Library PTC files will be dealt with by the PTC and will authorize the FRRRP to begin to draw the guidelines in consultation with these different specific entities.  Amendment:  In the last whereas, change Librarian to Librarians.

Vote on resolution with amendments:  All in favor:  18, 3 opposed, 2 abstentions.  Resolution passes.

  • Fred Walter suggested that the A&S Senate should remove the responsibilities of their standing committees from the constitution and put them in the by-laws.

IV.  A&S Resolution on the transfer of the Senior Lecturer Selection Committee to the University Senate (E. Mendieta)

  • Hugh Silverman:  As Chair of FRRPC and as co-chair of the SLSC, it has taken 12 years preparing the guidelines the SLSC and even more so establishing a standing committee in the A&S Senate.  There were many changes that were requested by Nancy Squires in her various roles.   Provost Kaler endorsed it.  After completing the whole process, the Provost wanted this committed in the University Senate.  This was passed on to Fred Walter for him to respond.  In May he brought to the University Senate a motion that the A&S Senate should handle this.  There was a vote last spring that the A&S Senate should handle the SLSC at the University Senate level.  The SLSC was constituted this past fall and ready to meet but the Provost Assanis put a halt to it.  Sixteen files have been presented to the Dean and then sent to the Provost.  The files are still waiting to be reviewed.  Nancy Squires:  Provost Kaler insisted it be called an award since there is no change in rank and he understood the committee to be provostial level committee.  University Council has a problem with it.

Arguments ensued on the floor on whether this resolution should be voted on now or this would be the first reading with a constitutional change.

Fred Walter:  There is no where in this resolution does it say that this is an amendment to the constitution.  It will require a constitutional amendment but this is a sense of the senate resolution and it directs the University to prepare for this changeover.

It was confirmed on the floor by a senate member (by going on-line) that the constitution says it has to be discussed in two consecutive meetings and then voted on.  It doesn’t say it has to be voted on in the third meeting.  This is presented as a resolution so we can vote on this today as per the constitution.

Norman Goodman asked for this to be considered a sense of the senate resolution endorsing the A&S Executive Committees request to the University Senate.  Substitute amendment:  that this is a sense of the senate resolution affirming the resolution as the voice of the Executive committee.

Vote taken on accepting the resolution with Norm’s substitute amendment:  All in favor:  21, opposed:  3; Abstentions:  1; Sense of senate passes.

The CASA and Curriculum Committee reports were tabled until next meeting.

V.  Report from the Dean (N. Squires)

  • SCC’s put on hold at the request of both senates.
  • Waiting on results of the Administrative Review Committee Survey on Shared Services.  Results won’t be in until April.
  • New faculty and staff part of cluster hires under SUNY 2020.
  • SUNY Faculty Diversity Program – 2 nominees sent forward by Provost out of 4 nominees from CAS.
  • ACLS – Three offers made.
  • See Dean’s written report for list of current and future faculty hires in the College of Arts and Sciences.

VI.  Old business:  no old business.

VII.  New business:  no new business.

Meeting adjourned.

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Laurie Theobalt