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Arts and Sciences Senate
March 21, 2011

I.  Approval of Tentative Agenda:  Approved.

II.  Approval of Minutes from February 21, 2011:  Approved.

III.  Senate President’s Report (E. Mendieta)

  • Serving on a Presidential Advisory Committee
  • We will have presenations by Howard Schneider, Andrew White and Barbara Chernow at the April A&S meeting.
  • F. Walter:  There is a town hall meeting on the Provost Search this Wednesday in the Wang Center.  Please attend.  The attendance at the last town hall meeting was abysmal.

IV.  FRRP:  Discussion of Senior Lecturer Promotion Review Committee (SLPRC) and changes to senate by-laws (H. Silverman)

  • Propose to amend the Constitution to add a sixth standing committee, “The Senior Lecturer Promotion Review Committee (SLPRC)”.
  • Second reading of the Guidelines for Stony Brook University Nomination and Selection for the Title of Senior Lecturer.
  • Second Constitutional Amendment:

We recommend that "f" be added to this list, stating:

f. it shall facilitate the sharing of information and the coordination of activities among the standing committees of the Arts and Sciences Senate. 

Then the final paragraph would be deleted. It now states:

F. The Coordinating Council

1. The function of the Coordinating Council is to facilitate the sharing of information and the coordination of activities among the standing committees of the Arts and Sciences Senate. The Coordinating Council shall consist of the members of the Executive Committee and the Chairperson or other representative of each standing committee. In the event a committee is represented by someone other than the chairperson, the designee will be chosen by the committee from among its members. The President of the Arts and Sciences Senate shall chair the Coordinating Council. The Coordinating Council shall meet at least once per academic semester. 

V.  Presentation and discussion of the GSO Motion (F. Enciso)

  • Main idea is that we should have a very strong position on budget cuts.
  • We shouldn’t advocate for tuition increases.
  • Harms disadvantaged students.
  • Refocus on effect of budget cuts without political rhetoric.

Discussion on GSO motion.  Someone suggested that a sub-committee be formed to re-do wording of motion.  N. Goodman suggested that motion be tabled, form an ad-hoc committee, and come back with a new pared down resolution.  Ad-hoc committee volunteers:  F. Enciso, N. Goodman and Paula Di Pasquale-Alvarez.

VI.  Presentation and discussion of “Statement on Bradley Manning, Julian Assange, and Wikileaks” (M. Schwartz)

  • Studied Iraq War (M. Schwartz) and gave examples of data that is crucial.
  • Doesn’t mention academics. 
  • Get rid of part with B. Manning
  • N. Goodman Proposed that the document be re-written to include academic component.  He also moved to table the motion and then send it to the A&S Executive Committee:   All in favor:   all in favor with none opposed.

VII.  SoMAS report (M. Zhang)

  • Four undergraduate majors with 600 undergraduate students and 150 graduate students.
  • One new master’s program (admitted 8 students)
  • Budget cut 10% in the last two years.  Not filling retired faculty or staff positions. 
  • Y. Shamash is the chair of the search for a new SoMAS Dean.  Interviewed four candidates.  The Provost has the names.
  • Southampton Programs:  After residential component closed, SoMAS offered courses on campus.
  • Received all the necessary permits to build a marine lab.  It will be a two story building.  A lab will occupy the first floor and there will be two classrooms and a conference room on the second floor.   Planning on renovating the boat house for lab space for students.
  • Semester by the sea in planning stages.   Would offer four core courses.  Spend one semester at the Southampton campus.

VIII.  CAS Report (N. Squires)

  • Stony Brook is underrepresented (minorities), includes black, Latinos and Native Americans.  Staff and undergraduate population is more diverse.  From 1997-2010 faculty diversity program hires were initiated by President Kenny.  The first eight years spiked then leveled off.
  • Discussed the SUNY Office of Diversity and Educational Equity.  The Faculty Diversity Program is designed to assist campuses with the recruitment, retention, and promotion of outstanding scholars from different backgrounds.  Only for full time assistant professor positions (only for U.S. citizens).  Only three applications from any SUNY Campus per year.  Only two awards at most per campus per year.
  • Budget:  Anticipate 10% cut in Provostial area.  Tuition increase is up in the air.  CAS actions:  department cost savings, shared service centers and program consolidation.

IX.   Old Business:  None.

X.  New Business:  None.

Meeting adjourned at 5:00 p.m.

Submitted by:

Laurie Theobalt