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Arts & Sciences Senate
September  20, 2010

I.  Approval of tentative agenda:  approved with change:  Patricia Aceves could not be here to present on the New Faculty Center.  Provost Kaler will report. 

II.  Approval of minutes from September 20, 2010:  approved.

III.  Outgoing President’s Report (A. deChambeau)

  • Over the summer, the Executive Committee approved:

The request for a new major in Early Civilization 
The appointment of Izabela Kalinawska-Black to the Promotion and Tenure Committee
The write-in from the Spring Elections of Robert Aller as an NSM Senator At-Large.

  • There are still several open positions on committees and as Senators at-large.
  • Thanked Ruth Ben-Zvi for her help during the past year as past President.  Thanked the committee chairs for their help.
  • Introduced the new President, Eduardo Mendieta.

IV.  Provost’s Report (E. Kaler)

  • Budget:  net 2-year total reduction to Stony Brook approximately $58 M.
  • Budget working group is advising President Stanley on budget allocations to Vice President areas.
  • Manny London will be Interim Dean for the College of Business.
  • Capping Undergraduate enrollments.
  • Negotiations with Songdo has come to a halt in the undergraduate arena.

V.  CAS Dean’s Report (N. Squires)

  • Bad news on budget.  Slight chance of tuition increase in Spring.
  • Since 2008 the State budget has been reduced by 20%.
  • Looking at $30 M budget gap for 2010/11.  $20 M. of that has been distributed to units across campus.
  • One reason we are having trouble coping is that the State (although nominally) covered out contractual increases.  Not so this year.  We are now responsible for covering all contractual increases. Big chunk of money that adds to our deficit.
  • First step the President took in allocating cuts was to take instructional salaries off the table.
  • All units given 12.7% cut.
  • Big push to increase offerings for Summer/Winter session.
  • How will CAS deal with the cuts?  FY 09/10 closed $2 M gap.  For 2010-2011 we have a new gap of about $3 M.
  • Actions: 

Reduce travel and other expenses
Not fill vacant positions
Freeze on hiring

  • Project 50 Forward is likely to result in substantial savings. 

Operational Excellence – the Bain Group (strategy consulting firm)
Academic Greatness -  The President’s Strategic Plan
Building for the Future – Cooper, Robertson & Partners (architectural consulting firm)

Eduardo Mendieta thanked Aimee deChambeau for her work as President for the past year.

VI.  Old Business:  no old business.

VII.  New Business:  no new business.

Meeting adjourned:  4:45

Submitted by:

Laurie Theobalt