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Parking & Directions  

*Parking Update
Fall 2023*

effective 8/1/2023

View the Fall 2023 Parking Information Here

Purchase Your Fall 2023 Hangtag/ID Card Here

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Student Accessibility Support Center

Stony Brook Union Suite 107
Stony Brook NY 11794-3216
Office: 631.632.6748

The Student Accessibility Support Center provides accessible transportation for students & OLLI members on campus.
If any members communicate that they have difficulties getting around on campus buses, we can extend the use of paratransportation. 

To utilize this service OLLI members must complete the paratransit form at 
and send it to the Student Accessibility Support Center

Parking History:
  • Effective as of Spring 2023 OLLI Hang Tags & ID Cards are now available for purchase online.
  • Effective as of Fall 2022 OLLI Parking has been simplified.
  • Effective as of Fall 2019 OLLI Annual Hang tags have been reduced from $200 down to $100.


Parking Reminders

From the University Transportation and Parking Department

  • Lot 40  is now a designated commuter student parking lot only, and will be strictly enforced as such.  A Commuter Student hangtag will need to be displayed.
  • The Office of Parking Services is activating an annual renewal requirement.
  • Resident and Commuter student registration began on August 20. Faculty and Staff renewal will begin in December.
  • Hang tags must be clearly displayed for all designated parking areas.
  • If a hang tag is not displayed or does not match the designated area in which the vehicle is parked, a citation will be issued.
  • Parking permits are not transferable; each tag is numbered for easy identification, and can only be used by the permit owner.



Use the Stony Brook University Interactive Map to help you find your way around campus! 


SBU Interactive Map