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Join a vibrant, active community of 900+ individuals who all share a love of learning. Be part of an organization designed specifically to meet your intellectual interests.  Part of what makes OLLI special is the exchange of ideas in the classroom.

We have an exciting Fall 2020 semester planned with a wide array of thought-provoking virtual workshops, events and guest speakers. 

Enjoy opportunities for lifelong learning and friendships through OLLI at SBU’s virtual workshops from the comfort of your home…Zoom from your Room!

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OLLI offers a wide range of thought- provoking workshops during three semesters per year in various topics such as:

  • Art
  • Computer Science
  • Current Events
  • Finance & Business
  • Game Theory & Sports
  • History & Politics
  • Language
  • Literature
  • Music
  • Philosophy & Psychology
  • Photography
  • Religion
  • Science
  • Writing
  • and more

Members can take advantage of registering for an unlimited number of OLLI Virtual Workshops during the Fall 2020 semester

  • Access to free Zoom training (group & individual) with a full downloadable training guide
  • Access to a variety of virtual Special Events
  • OLLI Virtual Lecture Series featuring engaging guest speakers who share their insights and experiences with the OLLI membership
  • Subscription to our weekly e-newsletter,  What’s’ Happening
  • Community engagement amongst members of diverse career, educational and experiential backgrounds
  • Access to participate in OLLI Committees and Councils & Virtual Chorus
  • Access to Stony Brook University G Suite (Gmail, Google drive, Google docs, etc.), licensed SBU Zoom account, SBU virtual events, SBU newsletter and more