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Lecture Series 

The OLLI Lecture Series features engaging guest speakers who share their insights and experiences with the OLLI membership.  Topics can range from history, literature, sports, culture, music, travel, science, the arts and more.  OLLI members may attend any or all of the lectures. There is no charge to current members for the OLLI Lecture Series Events. This page contains information about upcoming and past Lecture Series. 


Past Lecture Series 

Long Island Farms Lecture Flyer

Panel of 4 Speakers: Glenn Gebhard, Mario Congreve, Richard Wines, Frank Turano -

A Farm Picture: The Life & Times of LI Farms

Access Recording

Access Password: OLLI-FARM113020


  Lauren Richmond Lecture Flyer

Dr. Lauren Richmond - Cognitive Training: Promise, Pitfalls, and Best Practices 

Access Recording

Access Password: OLLI-RICHMOND2020



  Dr. Harold Fernandez Lecture Series Flyer

Dr. Harold Fernandez - Preventing a Heart Attack: Breathing, Exercise, and Nutrition 

Access Recording

Access Password:  OLLI-FERNANDEZ2020


Stuart Stevens Lecture Flyer

Stuart Stevens - Where We Are and Where We’ve Been: Presidential Politics & Campaign 2020


Access Recording

Access Password : OLLI-STEVENS2020
Glenn Gebhard Lecture Flyer

Glenn Gebhard - Cuba: The Forgotten Revolution

Access Part 1 Access Part 2
Access Password Part 1:  OLLI-GEBHARD1
Access Password Part 2: OLLI-GEBHARD2
  David Bouchier Lecture 2

David Bouchier - Prophecy and Progress: Looking for the Future in the Past

Access Recording
Access Password: OLLI-BOUCHIER-8/12/20
  David Bouchier Lecture Flyer

David Bouchier - Life in a French Village

Access Recording 
Access Password: OLLI-BOUCHIER2020
  Barry Lewis Lecture Flyer

Barry Lewis - Our Classic Catskills

Access Recording 
Access Password: OLLI-LEWIS2020
Gil Hanson Lecture Flyer

Gil Hanson-  Geology of the Three Village Area and Port Jefferson Village

Access Recording 
Access Password: OLLI-HANSON2020
Rita Rover Lecture Flyer

Rita Rover - Culture of Blue Ribbon Chrysanthemums 

Recording Unavailable 
  David Lennon Lecture Flyer

David Lennon - Can the Yankees, Mets & Major League Baseball Salvage the 2020 Season and Still Make a Profit?

Access Recording
Access Password: OLLI-LENNON2020
  Schoenfeld and Fa Ye Lecture Series Flyer

Dr Elinor Schoenfeld & Dr. Fan Ye - From the Lab to the Community -Sensors to Monitor Health and Wellness

Access Recording
Access Password: OLLI-SENSORS2020
  Jennifer Armstrong Lecture Flyer

Jennifer Armstrong - Seinfeldia: How the Show About Nothing Changed Everything

Access Recording
Access Password: OLLI-ARMSTRONG1
  Tom Rock Lecture Flyer

Tom Rock - Conversation with Tom Rock on his latest book, Miracle Moments in New York Giants Football History

Access Recording 
Access Password: OLLI-ROCK1
  Helen Harrison Lecture Flyer

Helen Harrison - Roots and Branches: The Art of Jackson Pollock & Lee Krasner

Access Recording 
Access Password: OLLI-HARRISON1