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Lecture Series 

The OLLI Lecture Series features engaging guest speakers who share their insights and experiences with the OLLI membership. Topics can range from history, literature, sports, culture, music, travel, science, the arts and more. OLLI members may attend any or all of the lectures. There is no charge to current members for the OLLI Lecture Series Events. This page contains information about current and past Lecture Series. 


Current Lecture Series 

David Bouchier - Life in a French Village


Access Recording

Password: OLLI-BOUCHIER072722

July 27, 2022


Dr. Chris Christodoulou - Maybe You Should Have Your Brain Examined


Access Recording

Password: OLLI-DRCHRIS-071922

July 19, 2022


Dr. Nicole Absar - Healthy Brain Aging and How to Keep Your Wits About You


Access Recording

Password: OLLI-ABSAR-061422

June 14, 2022


Jay Horwitz - Meet the Real Mr Met 


Access Recording

Password: OLLI-HORWITZ-040522

April 5, 2022


Past Lecture Series

On account of the changes made to Stonybrook Zoom's policy, all OLLI Lecture Series older than 180 days from the time of recording will now be available on OLLI at SBU Youtube account!

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