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Do you have an area of expertise you are passionate about?

★ We are always looking for inspiring individuals to lead workshops

★ Share your time and talent with other lifelong learner


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Become a Workshop Leader

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About Our
Workshop Leaders

    • OLLI Workshop Leaders are members of the community who are excited about leading and engaging an enthusiastic group of lifelong learners in a new way.
    • They are dedicated volunteers who selflessly invest their time and talent while sharing their expertise and passion for a subject but may not have formal teaching experience

Benefits of Becoming a Workshop Leader:

  • Experience the joy of giving to a vibrant, active community of individuals who share a love of learning!
  • $150 towards supplies for each workshop
  • Access to 1:1 and group training, technology resources and guides
  • Opportunity to apply for funding to enhance leadership skills & knowledge
  • Ability to invite guest speakers to present during a workshop
  • Attendance at the end of the semester celebration at no charge


  • Current Events
  • History
  • Culture and Language
  • Health and Wellness
  • Sports
  • Literature and Writing,
  • Art or Music Appreciation
  • We encourage creativity in course content and course titles

Access to Following Resources

  • Netflix
  • Hulu
  • Wondrium
  • The Met Opera on demand
  • Master Class
  • Peacock
  • Foreign Policy Association
  • OLLI's library of DVD's and books
  • Licensed SBU Zoom account

Any Questions? Please Contact:

Karen Dipaola,

Curriculum Committee Co-Chair


Jane Cash,

Curriculum Committee Co-Chair