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Frequently Asked Questions - About 

What is OLLI? 

OLLI is a program of the School of Professional Development and is one of 124 Osher Institutes,  dedicated to providing a lively and intellectually challenging array of non-credit courses taught year-round in a university setting by other OLLI members. Learn more about the OLLI program and its history. 

Who can join OLLI?

 OLLI members come from all walks of life and career paths and is open to retired and semi-retired individuals aged 50 or older regardless of their level of education or career experience, who are interested in a diverse learning environment that fosters mutual sharing of ideas, life experiences and the love of learning.  

Are OLLI workshops always online? 

 OLLI workshops will be 100% online for the Spring 2021 semester. The status of the Fall 2021 semester has not officially be determined however the goal is to achieve a hybrid of both online and in-person workshops.