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Undergraduate Scholarship Opportunities


*Congratulations to our 2021 Korean Studies Scholarship Awardees!*

The Korean  Studies scholarship committee (Heejeong Sohn, Jiwon Hwang, and Hongkyung Kim) has selected five undergraduate students for the 2021  Korean  Studies undergraduate scholarships: one for the  Korean Teacher Education Program scholarships and four for the Academic Excellence and Leadership in  Korean  Studies scholarships. 


Korean Teacher Education Program scholarships awardees ($2,000): Cynthia Zhu

Academic Excellence and Leadership in  Korean  Studies scholarships awardees ($1,000): Eliza Dangelis, Martin Kordas, Junyu Liang, Bingrui Ye


Eliza Dangelis (Awardee for Korean Studies Minor  Scholarship )

As a biochemistry pre-med major, I spend much of my time studying science. I enjoy the chance to broaden my knowledge of history, culture, and language through the Korean Studies program. At the beginning of each semester, I love greeting new students as an International Student Ambassador and developing interpersonal relationships through the English PAL program. I hope to continue learning Korean through classes, study-abroad, and whatever opportunities may come my way in the future.


Martin Kordas  (Awardee for Korean Studies Minor  Scholarship )

Hello! My name is Martin Kordaś, and I am currently a fourth-year student with majors in Business Management and Asian & Asian Americans Studies, with a double minor in Korean Studies and Japanese Studies. My interest in Korean culture and language started when I was hit by Hallyu in high school and upon entering college I have formed meaningful connections with many Korean students through which I experienced even more aspects of Korean culture. I fell in love with the culture, food, arts, and language and decided to pursue a minor in Korean Studies and I haven’t looked back since.


Junyu Liang (Awardee for Korean Studies Minor Scholarship)

Greetings! My name is Junyu Liang and I am currently a junior undergraduate student with a major in Biology and a minor in Korean Studies. I cherish my time in Stony Brook University and having the opportunity to delve into Korean culture on campus has been a remarkable journey. My time in learning about Korean Studies has allowed me to really appreciate Korean culture and its etiquettes while also understanding why Korean history remains so essential. I am grateful to have embarked this journey and I am excited to see what unfolds for me next.


Bingrui Ye (Awardee for Korean Studies Minor Scholarship)

Hi! My name is Bingrui Ye, I am a senior majoring in Linguistics, with double minors in China Studies and Korean Studies. I started my first Korean Studies class with Korean 111 back in freshman year and have now completed the minor in my senior year. I was also involved in language exchange program 어깨동무 for three years and have studied abroad in Korea for six months as an English Teacher. Being in Korean Studies has inspired and changed me as a person in so many ways and I’m so grateful for all the opportunities given.


Cynthia Zhu (Awardee for Korean Teacher Education Scholarship)

My name is Cynthia Zhu, a senior participating in the Korean Teacher Education program as well as the Korean Studies minor program. Thanks to various opportunities kindly provided by instructors, I have enriched my knowledge on pedagogical practices and the Korean language and culture through these diverse experiences, in hopes of applying them to future classrooms. Besides relevant Korean courses taken in the past three years, I have also investigated college Korean language learners’ experiences with online resources, and engaged in teaching assistant positions in both Stony Brook University and South Korea.


All awardees have demonstrated academic excellence and a strong commitment to the promotion of  Korean Studies and Korean culture at Stony Brook. Please join us to congratulate the awardees. 


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