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Kevin Marshall

PhD Candidate

Kevin Marshall

Interests: Scottish Diaspora, Labor Practices, British Empire  

I am a historian of Scotland in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. My main focus is on Scottish migration and the impact it had on Scotland and the colonies. I am especially interested in laboring Scots and those at the lower end of the social scale. My dissertation examines Scots in Jamaica from 1760 to 1840. Using different methodologies including; history from below, material culture and microhistories, I consider why migrants left Scotland for Jamaica, their working conditions, their relationships with the island's other inhabitants and their social lives. My work reveals complex social hierarchies between free and enslaved people, class boundaries within the white population, and a distinctly Scottish colonial experience. 


2018 Gardiner Fellowship - Awarded to an outstanding student in the field of early American History

2019 Scottish Historical Review Trust Bursary - Awarded for original research in Scottish History

2022 C. Mitchell Endowed Scholarship - Awarded for exceptional scholarship in historical research 

Advisor:  Ned Landsman