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Affiliated Faculty 

M. Hassan Arbab

Arbab, M. Hassan
Assistant Professor  

Terahertz emission, detection and imaging technologies and their applications in biophotonics, medical imaging, non-destructive testing, material characterization and stand-off detection of chemicals

Christine DeLorenzo

DeLorenzo, Christine
Associate Professor  

Biomarkers of Major Depressive Disorder, Antidepressant Treatment Response Prediction, Multimodal Brain Imaging, and PET Radioligands  

Amir H. Goldan

Goldan, Amir H.
Assistant Professor  

X-Ray and PET Imaging, Digital Radiological Imaging Detectors, Single Photon Counting for Medical Imaging, Detector Modeling, Fabrication, Characterization and Instrumentation, Avalanche Amorphous Selenium Detectors, Quantum Mechanical Modeling of Charge Transport, Noise-Free Avalanche Detectors

Jerome Liang

Liang, Jerome

Low-dose computed tomography image reconstruction, Quantitative image reconstruction for single photon emission computed tomography, High resolution positron emission tompgraphy image reconstruction, Segmentation of tissue mixtures from multi-spectral images, Computer aided detection of abnormality and diagnosis on the detected abnormality, Development of virtual colonoscopy systems

James Misewich

Misewich, James


Sima Mofakham

Mofakham, Sima
Assistant Professor

Trained as a computational neuroscientist, her laboratory focus is on developing a computational framework to understand the dynamical system that underlies coma and consciousness. Her laboratory will use this new framework to ultimately advance the current neuromodulatory therapeutic approaches for the recovery of consciousness.

Memming Park

Park, Memming
Assistant Professor  

Memming Park designs statistical models and machine learning methods specialized for analyzing neural time series. He aims to understand how information and computations are represented and implemented in the brain, both at a single-neuron and at the systems level. His group collaborates with several experimental labs on important problems in neuroscience, such as sensory coding, recovery from coma, and perceptual decision-making.

Ulas Sunar

Sunar, Ulas
SUNY Empire Innovation Associate Professor 

The development and applications of quantitative optical imaging tools for neuroimaging and cancer imaging in preclinical and clinical settings