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Adjunct Faculty

Chi Chen
Software Engineering, Computational Models, Feedback Control Stabilization

Gianluigi De Geronimo
Development of advanced low-noise application-specific integrated circuits for sensors from concept to transistor-level design, physical layout and characterization, frequency- and time-domain noise analysis, optimum analog and digital filters, high-precision signal processing, systems-on-chip, and semiconductor device physics

Timothy Driscoll
Electric Power Systems; Renewable Energy Resource Systems; Advanced Power Systems; Smart Grid; Electric Vehicles

Carlos Fernando Gamboa
Computer Networks and Scheduling Theory; Data Intensive Distributed Systems; Database Management Systems

Dmitri Gavrilov
Signal processing, neural networks, embedded systems.

Dmytro Gudkov

Yasha Karimi
Medical device technologies, Internet of Things (IoT), Wearable Electronics, Ultra-low power Circuit and System Design

Shaorui Li

Vibha Mane
Stochastic Modeling of Biological Networks; Statistical Machine Learning; Signal Processing, Detection and Estimation

Ronald Marge
Technical communications

Tatiana Tchoubar

Donna Tumminello
Technology Commercialization; Entrepreneurship

Dantong Yu
Data mining, high performance computing and networks ( Homepage)