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Adjunct Faculty

Kevin Brown
Quantum Information Systems; Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Data Science in Distributed Control Systems

Chi Chen
Software Engineering, Computational Models, Feedback Control Stabilization

Gianluigi De Geronimo
Development of advanced low-noise application-specific integrated circuits for sensors from concept to transistor-level design, physical layout and characterization, frequency- and time-domain noise analysis, optimum analog and digital filters, high-precision signal processing, systems-on-chip, and semiconductor device physics

Timothy Driscoll
Electric Power Systems; Renewable Energy Resource Systems; Advanced Power Systems; Smart Grid; Electric Vehicles

Carlos Fernando Gamboa
Computer Networks and Scheduling Theory; Data Intensive Distributed Systems; Database Management Systems

Yasha Karimi
Medical device technologies, Internet of Things (IoT), Wearable Electronics, Ultra-low power Circuit and System Design

Vibha Mane
Stochastic Modeling of Biological Networks; Statistical Machine Learning; Signal Processing, Detection and Estimation

Ronald Marge
Technical communications

Dipen Sinha
Development of techniques for imaging objects with sound, noninvasive measurement techniques, manipulation of particles with sound including both concentration and separation, creating novel materials using sound, and nonlinear acoustics. Focused on developing new sensing techniques and sensors for human health monitoring and medical diagnosis with emphasis on imaging that are simple and inexpensive.

Tatiana Tchoubar

Donna Tumminello
Technology Commercialization; Entrepreneurship

Dantong Yu
Data mining, high performance computing and networks (Homepage)