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ECE Department News 2015


ECE PhD Candidate Receives European Physical Society Award

Prachi Chitnis Prachi Chitnis, a Stony Brook University graduate student mentored by Kevin Brown, a physicist at the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) Brookhaven National Laboratory’s Collider-Accelerator Department and the department’s Prof. Thomas Robertazzi, has been awarded the 2015 Experimental Physics Control Systems Prize by the European Physical Society (EPS) for her “significant contributions to the reliability of the RHIC beam permit system.”

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Prof. Emre Salman Selected as Finalist for Discovery Fund Prize

Emre Salman Emre Salman, Assistant Professor in ECE Department, was selected as one of the four finalists for the Stony Brook Discovery Fund Prize. He and Milutin Stanaćević, Associate Professor of ECE, proposed a novel method for performing computation in energy-autonomous systems that “harvest” power from ambient sources. The proposed method significantly enhances energy efficiency by recycling electrical charge in a unique way that particularly fits wireless power harvesting systems.

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Grandfather Receives EE Degree

Roger Alford Mr. Roger Alford, Class of 2015, is a recently graduated student in the BSEE Online program. A grandfather with three adult children and three grandchildren from the State of Michigan, Mr. Alford started his BSEE program at the University of Michigan in 1978.  However, due to various life circumstances, his college career was interrupted.  While he loves electrical engineering and for over three decades had a very fun, challenging career applying electrical engineering knowledge, he never has a chance to complete his bachelor degree.   To demonstrate the importance of college to his grandchildren and to fulfill his lifetime dream and goal, Mr. Alford joined the BSEE online degree program at SBU in 2011.  

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ECE Faculty Receive NSF Grant to Develop Pervasive Edge Computing

Pervasive Edge Computing ECE Faculty Yuanyuan Yang and Fan Ye have won a NSF grant totaling $745K for three years to develop a novel data-centric “Pervasive Edge Computing” architecture that will revolutionize next generation sensing applications.  The project seeks to create a new architecture that promotes sensing data to first class citizens whose existence is independent of any particular devices.

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Prof. Fan Ye Studies Indoor Navigation

Indoor Localization Ever got lost in an unfamiliar library, hospital, train station or office building? You’re not alone. Although navigation has been standard outdoors thanks to GPS and digital maps, such capability is simply non-existent for most buildings.  ECE Faculty Fan Ye is developing algorithms and systems that can automatically construct digital indoor floor maps from mobile sensing data. People carry mobile devices such as smartphones everywhere every day. These devices are packed with sensors – inertial, radio, image, sound, light. Prof. Ye’s group is developing algorithms and building systems that can take such data, extract the geometric and layout information of different kinds of architectural elements (e.g., hallways, rooms and lobbies), and piece them together for complete floor plans.

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Sensor CAT: From Faculty Research to High-Tech Manufacturing

Sensor CAT Center for Advanced Technology in Diagnostic Tools and Sensor Systems(Sensor CAT) is rooted in the ECE Deparrtment. It is one of CEAS’s most prominent tools to promote business growth in New York. We use State funding to support dozens of faculty and students who are interested in helping NY companies – or in growing their own businesses – in R&D and high-tech manufacturing.

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Prof. Matthew Eisaman Receives Innovator of the Year Award

Matthew Eisaman Innovate LI announced the winners of its inaugural Innovator of the Year award that recognize Long Island’s best brightest ideas. The 2015 Innovators, chosen after a two-month nomination process, will be honored at an awards breakfast at Crest Hollow Country Club, Oct 21. Among the winners in Science & Technology category is our own Matt Eisaman and his colleagues at Brookhaven National Laboratory. The winning work is reported in their paper,   Nanotech Antireflection Surface Coatings, published in Nature Commuications.

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Optoelectronics Group

Optoelectronics Group The Optoelectronics Group's research activity includes the design and development of lasers, light emitting diodes and photodetectors. Among the most recent achievements are the first demonstration of mid infrared high power cascade diode lasers with record performance parameters, fabrication of arrays of mid infrared light emitting diodes with 4 million individually addressable pixels and development of a new class of long wave infrared photodetector heterostructures based on our original metamorphic epitaxial technology.

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Stony Brook Online BSEE Program Accredited

Stony Brook's  online Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering (BSEE) has been accredited by the E ngineering Accreditation Commission of ABET.  Students in the program take all classes online and asynchronously, watching lecture videos, interacting with professors and other online students over the Internet and taking exams at local testing/proctoring centers. Through the innovative use of technology, hands-on, real experiments conducted by online students at home are the same as those in the residential program.

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