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Optoelectronics Group

The research activity includes the design and development of lasers, light emitting diodes and photodetectors. Among the most recent achievements are the first demonstration of mid infrared high power cascade diode lasers with record performance parameters, fabrication of arrays of mid infrared light emitting diodes with 4 million individually addressable pixels and development of a new class of long wave infrared photodetector heterostructures based on our original metamorphic epitaxial technology. Applications of these devices span the range from atmospheric monitoring and planetary research to infrared scene projection and night vision.

The group developed a complete in-house technological cycle for photonic device development including device modeling, epitaxial growth, material studies, device fabrication and packaging, and advanced device characterization. Our PhD students find employment in leading industrial and academic institutions. The group annually publishes more than a dozen research articles in leading scientific journals. The total funding attracted by the optoelectronic research team in the past five years amounts to over $3.5 million. The group sponsors include National Science Foundation, NASA, Army Research Office, Army Research Laboratory, Night Vision Directorate, Missile Defense Agency, Air Force Office of Scientific Research, as well as Industrial companies.


Starting with molecular beam epitaxial lab clockwise, the figure shows a setup for ultrafast photoluminescence up-conversion measurements, cross-sectional transmission electron microscopy image of metamorphic buffer, infrared image of a test array of individually addressable mid-infrared LEDs, scanning electron microscopy images of a narrow ridge waveguide and diffraction grating etched in laser heterostructures, and edge emitting laser soldered to gold plated copper block.

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