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Networking is the process of meeting people, having conversations, exchanging information, and nurturing relationships. Focus on the quality not the quantity of your relationships. It is a great opportunity to gain knowledge, and find opportunities and connections for the future.

How To Start Networking

Informational Interview

Student NetworkingInformational interviewing is a career research technique to gather the personal perspective of someone in a career.  Think of yourself as a journalist, interviewing someone for a story.  You can start with people you know, or tap into the Stony Brook University faculty, staff and alumni network through our Micro-Mentoring Program.

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Building Your Handshake Profile

Activating your Handshake student profile is the first step to landing the job or internship you have been hoping for.  There are three specific sections of your Handshake profile that, when filled out, drastically improve your odds of catching a recruiter’s eye. In fact, 80% of students who fill out all three will receive a message from a recruiter!

Creating a LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn is a professional networking tool where you create a resume-like profile that highlights your experience, key skills, strengths, and accomplishments. The platform allows users to connect with people in the same industry, and search for possible connections who work at companies of interest.  Make sure to list your LinkedIn profile on your resume near your contact information.  Get started by searching for people you know, joining career-related groups, and being active in conversations. 

Attending employer/networking events

Employers and alumni participate in networking events, online and on/off campus. This is a great opportunity to connect with professionals in your field, ask questions about their careers, and hear advice they have to share.  Before attending any networking event, make sure to practice your pitch to impress potential contacts. 

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